The Prowess of AI in the Remodeling of Customer Engagement

With our AI-powered customer engagement solutions, businesses are determining their customers' accurate future buying behaviour via data and coming closer to them to establish ceaseless connections.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the emerging technologies that has expanded its roots in all sectors. As a majority of us would know pretty well, AI or Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Computer Science that deals with making machines smart enough to execute tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence or interference. From Facial Detection & Recognition to Virtual Assistants to Smart Speakers, Artificial Intelligence is ruling the world – the AI industry is rapidly growing and will continue to do so as the global AI market value has been projected to reach $267 billion by 2027, as per Fortune Business Insights.

Irrespective of the type and size of any business, customers will continue to be at the forefront. The success of a business depends highly upon the way it interacts with the customers. In this highly digitalized world, Customer Engagement holds a value of its own. To define in simple words, Customer Engagement is a process followed intensively by brands to build a healthy relationship with their customers through meaningful interactions that can happen across both online and offline channels. As mentioned earlier, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has indeed dominated its presence across all operations of businesses. Be it Product Development or Customer Service, Artificial Intelligence has played a pivotal role in modernizing them all with agility and accuracy.

When it comes to Customer Engagement or should we say Digital Customer Engagement, Artificial Intelligence has produced greater outcomes for organizations thriving to become more customer-centric and growth-oriented. Talisma Corporation enables businesses to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence or AI with agility and adroitness to establish business sustainability and evolution. With Talisma’s AI-enabled solutions, brands are not only creating high-quality customer journeys but also revamping their business models to achieve maximal excellence and advancement.

Here’s how the duo of Talisma and Artificial Intelligence has empowered brands to ensure a higher notch for Customer Engagement.

24/7 Customer Service & Support

Today’s customers prefer round-the-clock assistance from their brands. The figures provided by Gartner even suggest that AI-powered Chatbots are deployed by almost 52% of telephone companies for delivering uninterrupted customer support.

AI solutions powered by Talisma have made it possible for businesses to engage effectively with their customers or users at any time of the day. Talisma’s AI Virtual Assistants are never off-duty and cater to the requirements of customers with efficiency and urgency.


No two individuals are alike hence each user must be given personalized services and recommendations. Our Customer Engagement Solutions are powered by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to assist organizations in reaping the benefits of Hyper-Personalization to make themselves relevant in front of the audience.

Predictive Behaviour Analysis

When you know your customers well, you engage with them better. AI enables brands to understand their customers or consumers in and out. With our AI-powered customer engagement solutions, businesses are determining their customers’ accurate future buying behaviour via data and coming closer to them for establishing ceaseless connections.

To sum up, Customer Engagement today is incomplete without the involvement of Artificial Intelligence. As a futuristic brand that ardently believes in the potency of AI, we are facilitating organizations across all sectors to future-proof their names and bring an age of excellence with sustainability.


Written by

Sudhir Shetty , General Manager , Talisma

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