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Going digital has been more than just a buzzword, as firms across the world no longer look at technological adoption as a necessity but as a strategic advantage. The script has changed, and companies have moved beyond investing in basic technologies to adopting edge computing, cloud solutions and cyber security protocols.

To give a deeper perspective into the myriad options of the digital landscape, Nitin Shah, CMD, Allied Digital Services Limited shares his expertise on technology disruption, increased awareness of IT infrastructure, developing unique customer perspectives, growing technological innovations and much more.

Q: Increased disruption has resulted in greater adoption of technology across industries. What are the strengths, opportunities, and challenges you’ve observed in your industry?

A: Due to technology disruption, the processing and networking speed of computer systems has increased greatly, and storage is getting more and more miniature at an affordable price with a host of software tools, platforms, and applications which has completely disrupted the business using the Internet 2.0 and such disruption has resulted in newer business models like e-commerce, benefiting Healthcare, Education and other industries with automation and better governance.

The strength of technology will cut across all industry verticals. The usage of the same will ultimately change the lifestyle of the people and create opportunities beyond imagination. In a country like India challenge will be to bridge the digital divide gap due to the vast population. Digital literacy has to improve to enable the last man to reap the benefits of the digital world.

Q: Do you think consumers should be aware of the benefits of expanding their current IT infrastructure? If so, how do you see the future of their infrastructure evolving over time?

With increased business growth and customer pressure, provisioning of infrastructure was increasing multifold at great speed. IT Resource virtualization has given birth to cloud computing and the industry has moved from Capex to Opex and adopted pay per use model for infrastructure. The adoption of the cloud is much faster than anticipated which created a mad rush for cloud migration and Digital Transformation at various levels. Very soon users will only have devices like mobiles, tablets, notebooks, desktops, etc to access the cloud over high bandwidth internet to access various applications. Rest other devices like servers, storage, and security will be available from the cloud. (Moving from on-premise to cloud)

Q: What changes have occurred in consumer needs over time? What are the key insights you’ve gleaned from the demand dynamics?

A: No one size fits all. Every consumer is being treated differently based on their choice and liking. Advanced technologies like ML, AI, and data analytics have been able to understand and fulfill every consumer’s demand in a personalized way and yet automatic. Every consumer is being treated like a king and his/her demand for products or services is being met with multiple options.

Q: Give us a rundown of how your products meet the growing demand for technological innovations.

A: Our product “Finoallied” is a path-breaking product in the banking ecosystem to enable customers to do various banking transactions in voice-enabled mode. This conversational banking will be adopted quickly by small to large banks with multi-lingual capabilities.

Our second product “ADiTaaS” is a PinkVERIFY certified ITSM tool adhering to best ITIL practices. We have expanded our offerings to various services to act as a service exchange between requestor and provider. The ticketing platform will integrate with various IT tools like SIEM, Video Management Systems, and most of the third-party platforms to create intelligent Command and Control centers (ICCC) to monitor, manage and control various sub-systems.

Q: What do you believe is the future of technology, and can you walk us through the anticipated trends?

A: The physical world is moving more towards the Digital world and many mundane tasks will get digitally enabled. This gap is reducing day by day. The advent of Augmented reality and virtual reality will be path-breaking and will give a great experience in the new world known as the metaverse.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Economic Times – ET Edge Insights, its management, or its members

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