Technology adoption is slow-moving in India

We asked Prasad Shidhaye, Director, India Deliver Asia Pacific, Supply Chain Johnson & Johnson India to tell us why he thinks supply chain is a strategic asset for successful organizations. Here’s what he had to say

“Fast Moving Change Is Here…And Customers Aren’t Just Buying Products…They Are Buying Experiences”. Customer Experiences are the customer’s perception with supplier’s employees, channels, systems & products. Leading global companies recognize that their customers are often more influence by their supply chain experiences than other type of interactions. For e.g. how a late delivery can disappoint and how expedited delivery can delight or save someone’s life, how customers are annoyed if their complaints are not addressed effectively. Another key trend for enhancing Customer Experience is to use technology for providing visibility into Order to cash (OTC) processes. Customers wish to get information from order acknowledgements to receipt of material & ecosystem services. Supply chain enables organizations to continuously improve customer experiences & provide business a competitive advantages. This happens at both strategic, tactical & operational levels. I can’t emphasize anymore that the supply chain roles are becoming strategic & being discussed at companies board levels.

He also shared top 5 trends that he thinks will keep supply chain & logistics business ahead of the curve:

  • Building continuous improvement culture in supply chains –Kaizen principles
  • Proactive Customer Insights – Business Intelligence
  • Smart Products & Services – Agility
  • Digital Supply Chain – E2E SC Connected
  • Moving to circular SC designs – Best for Environment & Society

Lastly, he spoke about technology adaption in India VS developed countries like Singapore, US in supply chain domain:

Inspite of 3rd largest startup base in India, the technology adaption is slow-moving in India. The challenges are always in resource allocations, returns on investments /payback, lack of success stories in technology adaption & the gaps between IT solution developers & SC knowledge experts.


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