quantum computing

Quantum Computing: Birth of a new world order

What do recent quantum computing advancements entail? Scientists and engineers compare it to the human genome project or landing on the moon Quantum computing although around for years has been theoretical.  But, if we look at headlines in recent weeks then quantum computing advancements are creating quite a buzz, yet, how close is it to becoming … Read more

Quantum Computing: A game-changer for pharma innovation

Pharma companies have constantly been on the lookout for the next miracle pill. The problem is that current approaches towards drug discovery carry limitations, despite advances in artificial intelligence, machine-learning, and raw computing prowess.Today, many companies in the pharma space, who are on the cutting-edge of technology, are looking at the possibilities that quantum computing … Read more

The Tectonic Shift – Enabling 2021

2020 has been a year of transformations. Futuristic start-ups and the gig economy have enabled us towards realizing a digitized ecosystem in India. Analysts are talking about how technology and development will go hand in hand and be a key decisive factor for the society and economy’s expected recovery. I would like to believe that … Read more

7 major factors expected to sculpt the current decade

The year 2020 will always be remembered as the year of Covid-19, the pandemic that turned the world upside down – causing mammoth business disruptions and fast-tracking inevitable changes. Despite being the deadliest crisis in more than half a century, this pandemic is just one of the several macro factors that will shape the global … Read more

Cloud Strategy 101: Where to Play and How to win?

To migrate to the cloud or not, is a more burning question for many CIO’s, than the parents of students who decide whether their ward should migrate abroad or not. Cloud is the first step in the business transformation journey in the digital era, followed by data and AI. Cloud Adoption is rapidly growing, but … Read more

India’s technology transformation opportunities by 2025

“We are living in extraordinary times, when innovators and thinkers across organizations are coming up with ideas to technologically transform services provided to consumers. Such transformations have peaked in the last decade and have resulted in technology driving key business changes across sectors, be it entertainment (Netflix), transportation (Uber) or travel (Airbnb). Technological innovations have … Read more

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