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A Roadmap to Building a Resilient Future for Pharma

In the VUCA world that we live in, resilience is key for organizations Now more than ever, industries post covid have realized the need to reinvent themselves to prepare for a ‘normal’ that is ever-changing, and the Pharma industry has been no exception. In fact, pharma has the dual challenge of securing its tomorrow and … Read more

How Conversational AI is Redefining Customer and Agent Experience?

In today’s competitive world, it is becoming increasingly important for enterprises to provide a best-in-class customer experience (CX), not only for retaining the customers but also for differentiating themselves from the competition. Contact center plays a critical role in delivering unmatched customer service and experience and thereby ensuring customer loyalty. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought … Read more

Resetting the Business Operations and Strategies through Digital Transformation: Surviving in the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive disruptions in modern times. It has changed the way of almost everything including lifestyle changes, limited movements, shutting down operations/companies, etc. It affected the global economy significantly. In the past year, we have seen businesses change their ways of operating, their strategies, market focus, and the channel of reaching … Read more

Embracing Life P.C. (Post Covid)

Many years down when we look back at history, there are high chances that we divide time in two new eras – Pre Covid and Post Covid. It is true that every time a major event has struck the world – it has altered how the world functions. It has brought about groundbreaking creations – … Read more

4 insights to build back better post Covid

The human civilization was progressing uninterrupted, in its own pace when a deadly virus outbreak transformed the world forever. The crisis compelled the whole world to work together as a single entity and suddenly collaborations were formed to find out the best way forward for all. The same synergy resonated in most business organizations that … Read more

Tracking consumer behavior shifts in fresh food retail, post Covid

Since the onset of the pandemic consumer demand has shifted significantly. Fresh food being a part of the essentials never experienced a dearth of demand despite the pandemic shocks and succeeded in serving consumers adequately. However, the consumers’ approach towards fresh food has undergone considerable transformation, states a Deloitte article based on their fresh food … Read more

Is Indian pharma ready to take up a global role?

Pharma Industry

India now stands as the third largest Pharmaceuticals industry in the world by volume and 10th in terms of value. More importantly, India’s Pharma industry has made a significant contribution to global healthcare by ensuring high quality, and affordable medicines are accessible around the world. Owing to its strong capabilities across the value chain, India … Read more

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