Understanding the key factors shaping the logistics industry today

Every industry goes through a transformational phase driven by a host of factors ranging from policy changes to shifts in technology or flow of capital. The $280 bn logistics industry is largely influenced by three key factors - governmental policies, availability of infrastructure (Existing & Proposed), and availability of skilled labor. The introduction of the … Read more

Government policies : Strong enabler to push infrastructure development

One of the key drivers fuelling India’s ambitious growth story is infrastructure. As the country’s overall development is primarily pivoted on its infrastructural prowess, the sector enjoys intense focus from the government, which has been introducing viable policies targeted at ensuring the creation of a sustainable world class infrastructure in the country. India’s infrastructure sector … Read more

647 infrastructure projects have cost overrun of Rs 4.65 lakh crore

As many as 647 infrastructure projects, each worth Rs 150 crore or more, have been hit by cost overruns totalling more than Rs 4.65 lakh crore, according to a report. The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation monitors infrastructure projects worth Rs 150 crore and above. Of the 1,526 such projects, 647 are delayed, 393 … Read more

Technology is expected to unlock a $500 billion opportunity to India’s GDP says Ircon’s Yogesh Kumar Mishra

Yogesh Kumar Misra, Chairman & Managing Director of the erstwhile Ircon International Ltd talks about how some of the mega infrastructure projects planned by the Modi government would contribute to India’s overall growth and spur the economy. India: yesterday, today and tomorrow. Discuss how the India of today is different from that of the years … Read more

The dawning of a new era of sustainable infrastructure

A look at how infrastructure is being reimagined for a sustainability purview The pandemic gave us an opportunity to pause, think, and ponder upon how we do things, how business is conducted,  the facets of growth, and even sustainability. There are various questions pertaining to the resiliency of existing infrastructure in a post-pandemic world.  As … Read more

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