Global Crisis

How ‘aquapreneurs’ can help solve the global water crisis

Water takes the shape of the vessel it is in – a scienctific fact which also holds a lot of philosophical truth. We have polluted our rivers, severely depleted groundwater, made glaciers retreat, and altered rainfall. The current state of global freshwater is a reflection of our failure to manage our fundamental needs. In the … Read more

For logistics sector, opportunity comes knocking amidst a crisis

Supply Chain

When the lockdown was announced, nearly 70 consignment-bearing vehicles were stranded across the length and breadth of India. For days, teams worked tirelessly, coordinating with local government(s), police and port authorities, and transporters to have the materials reach their destinations, reports Sundreysh Sarup, MD, Logistics Plus India. But this scenario wasn’t unique to his company; … Read more

Aiming for growth in tough times? Yes, we can

Business Growth

These are exceptional times. We are in the middle of running a marathon. Around the half-way mark, there comes a point when the finish seems too far. It is at this moment that the great runners get what is called a ‘’second wind.’’ This is when their experience, training and focus kick in. Today, businesses … Read more

5 Top Priorities for Post Covid India Inc.


Indian businesses were already facing several challenges when the Coronavirus pandemic brought the economy to a screeching halt. McKinsey estimates India’s GDP to fall by 20% for the first quarter of FY2020-21 while the World Bank forecasts the year’s GDP to drop by more than 3%. The Covid-19 crisis brought to limelight strengths and weaknesses … Read more

5 Takeaways on India Inc’s Crisis Preparedness

Any external or internal factor or a chain of incidents that disrupt enterprise-wide operations with the potential to adversely affect the reputation or business of an organization is by definition a crisis. Although the current pandemic has put the spotlight on crisis management, the concept of crisis is a regular business problem for most Indian … Read more

Preserve to Prosper: Surviving COVID-19 and thriving beyond

Business Finance

Covid-19 with its global reach and unprecedented demand impact has caught even the best prepared mature businesses under-prepared. For early stage companies like ours, growth was the fuel which was energising the entire organisation. Managing this crisis requires an all hands on the deck approach where the focus is on preserving value in the short … Read more

COVID-19 Monthly Forecast for May 2020

The COVID-19 crisis in India is one that is rapidly evolving and has witnessed policy course corrections with minimal notice. Business continuity planning, therefore, needs to reflect upon the need for a phased approach that can absorb government policy changes in the wake of recurrent spikes in the viral outbreak over the medium term. The … Read more

Naryana Murthy’s prescriptions for post-COVID economy

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of historic proportions, compelling us to look at unprecedented social, economic, and business responses that will not only help us look at the here and now, but also the long-term landscape. Here, Narayan Murthy offers his take on how we can all emerge stronger in the wake of this historic … Read more

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