Thought Leadership in a Dynamic World

A closer look at key traits that enable one to become a better thought leader Thought leadership is all about envisioning the possibilities before they become obvious. Conventional leaders transition into ‘thought leaders’ when they transform themselves into great communicators of innovative ideas. They do this with clarity and consistency while being accomplished executors themselves, … Read more

Reading recommendations from Arianna Huffington

Reading Books

Arianna Huffington is an entrepreneur and journalist, well-know globally as the co-founder of The Huffington Post, a news website. She studied economics in Cambridge University and shifted to New York in 1980 to join BBC1’a late-night show Saturday Night At The Mill. Huffington launched HuffPost in 2005 and in 2011 sold it to AOL, claiming … Read more

Women in Technology -The Challenges

Women have always faced challenges within society and that includes all societies across the world, from not having the right to vote, to using pseudonym names on books so that their book gets recognized, bought and praised just by having a masculine name; and please note, that in 2021 in some countries women still don’t … Read more

These are the world’s most valued startups

Almost two decades back at the beginning of the new millennium, the concept of Startups started getting global attention. By definition, Startups are new companies with a unique entrepreneurial idea that aims to take over the world by making an instant impact. Most of the early Startups, be it Apple or Facebook, had humble beginnings. … Read more

10 inspirational books to light up your holidays

2020 has been a year like no other. It was a year of intense pain and anxiety, of losses and endings but it was also a year of new beginnings and deep introspection. As the world is rejoicing the possibility of getting several vaccines quite soon and envisioning a world where the virus has been … Read more

5 books that changed the lives of successful CEOs

We all know the advantages of reading a book but more often than not, a book loses out to our phones. The reason is simple – reading with a purpose demands your undivided attention, time and utmost personal discipline. Committing to read is a difficult habit but the perks you earn are absolutely unparalleled. So, … Read more

Towards equal representation of women in the Tech industry

Woman Entrepreneur

Diversity, inclusion and equitable hiring is on the wish list of many socially conscious organizations globally but only a few make it a part of their agenda. Women are far behind from equal representation in the global workforce and the global economic toll for this shortcoming is estimated to be mammoth. The tech industry, like … Read more

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