Surviving Uncertainty: Key Trends in the Supply Chain Sector

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Customer behaviours and expectations are changing dramatically and challenging the established supply chains and operational setups of leading industrial companies. Companies need to transform linear supply chains into autonomous supply chain ecosystems to succeed in this evolving and ever-changing scenario.

PwC surveyed 1,601 supply chain executives worldwide to take a closer look at how supply chains are transforming in this evolving marketplace. They also investigated the capabilities that allow companies to handle disruptions effectively, stabilise their supply chains and stand out as supply-chain champions.

For many companies, improving the supply chain is a vital part of their efforts to become more customer-centric and quickly respond and adapt to changing demands and requirements while maintaining cost efficiencies. Next-level supply chains are also helping to increase product quality by supporting moves to expand portfolios of products and services, and even introduce entirely new business areas. And they are enhancing the ability of companies to manufacture and deliver flexibly while operating a cost-efficient and competitive supply chain.

The Economic Times hosted the eighth edition of its Supply Chain Summit 2021 on the theme ‘Surviving Uncertainty.’ The summit touched upon relevant topics with regard to the challenges faced by supply chains in today’s turbulent times. The COVID-19 pandemic has tested supply chains by impacting labour availability, supply lead times, logistics availability, and unpredictable demand patterns.

The summit brought together eminent Government and business leaders, and supply chain experts from multiple industries who shared their thoughts on addressing the challenges faced by supply chains and the sector’s future. Given the solution-oriented focus of all the panel sessions, the key takeaways from the summit have been captured in this white paper for the perusal of industries and governments alike.

ET SCM Summit Whitepaper

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