Spread positivity among employees with wellness reminders

Covid-19 pandemic has shocked the world in a matter of days. Corporates are facing a disruption of epic proportions and finding innovative ways to deal with it. In the race to ensure maximum productivity even at such turbulent times, businesses must not forget to spread positive messages to the workforce.

Reaching out to the most vulnerable section of employees with a wellness reminder will help rejuvenate their mindset and boost confidence in the company immensely. Businesses must not forget that diabetes mellitus is one of the most common metabolic disorder affecting around 77 million people in India; about 14.9% of the urban population is diabetic. Diabetes is a high-risk state with low immunity. In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, it has been suggested that people with diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and respiratory diseases have a higher risk of mortality.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Hence it is very important for corporates to reiterate to their employees:

  • Covid-19 does not have special predilection for diabetic patients, so diabetics and non-diabetics have an equal chance of getting the disease
  • Infection avoidance by following general hygiene and social distancing norms is an important goal
  • Covid-19 results in a flu like state with fever, dry cough and shortness of breath. It is generally a mild disease (for more than 80%), only about 20% patients deteriorate to a critical stage[/box]

Precautionary measures for diabetic patients:

  • Do not smoke
  • Follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen
  • Control blood sugar and keep the level as close to normal as possible
  • Do not stop diabetes drugs, even if you develop other illnesses. Continue your medicine and consult the doctor
  • Keep a chart of your medicines and monitor the dose regularly
  • Buy at least a month’s medicine supply in advance. Also keep extra soaps and sanitizers
  • Diabetic patients often experience sudden fall in sugar due to change in diet or drugs prescribed for other illnesses; keep glucose handy for such occasions
  • Have injection glucagon available, lest blood sugar goes too low
  • If you are Type I diabetic, keep testing for acetone regularly by ketostix
  • In case blood sugars goes haywire do not rush to the doctor’s office; consult him on call as he can adjust the dosage on phone
  • You must sanitize the drug packet you received from the chemist. You must wash your hands before and after taking medicines/insulin injection
  • Stay at home. Stay healthy. Stay safe

In the present scenario where people are trying to efficiently work from home, conduct meetings and collaborate via online platforms, there is no reason why corporate wellness programs should take a backseat. In fact, this is the right time to shift from traditional offline platforms and spread wellness messages and reminders aggressively via digital mediums. By taking such measures, responsible businesses will not only help employees to stay fit and healthy but might also end up increasing employee productivity.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Contributor: DR.(Prof) C. G. AGRAWAL, General Physician, Lucknow[/box]


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