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What is common between Amitabh Bachchan, Sunil Gavaskar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Nothing, many will say, other than the fact that all three are prominent and successful individuals in their own right. Those with a keen eye and a penchant for jewellery, particularly gemstone jewellery, will immediately highlight that all these individuals wear astrological gemstones. The resurgence of Mr Bachchan’s acting career after he started wearing a blue sapphire is now a legendary story.

Nitin Yadav, CEO, GemPundit

The popularity of gemstones can be attributed to not only their astrological properties but also to the recognition of gemstone jewellery as statement pieces.

What do experts think? ET spoke to Nitin Yadav, CEO of Gurgaon-based online gemstone provider GemPundit. Mr Yadav, a serial entrepreneur with stints in Silicon Valley, established GemPundit in 2013 to offer customers a unique and authentic experience of buying gemstones. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

How do you make someone appreciate the power of natural gemstones? 

Besides their dazzling beauty, natural gemstones have immense socio-cultural significance globally. Gemstones have been admired for their astrological properties since time immemorial, and they are popular even today. I firmly believe that you will not derive healing powers from anything till you don’t put your faith in it. At GemPundit, our mine-to-market approach ensures that buyers have access to only the finest-quality gemstones – including some rare products – which are unheated and free from chemical treatments. Each of our gemstones is lab-certified in advance; some of these labs serve globally renowned auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.  GemPundit has a panel of acclaimed astrologers to guide buyers throughout the gemstones selection process. And once a purchase is made, we offer pooja energization services to buyers via live streaming, video and pooja at home services so that they can experience the true power of natural gemstones.


Selling coloured gemstones online would seem an offbeat business idea to many. What inspired the idea for GemPundit?

I come with a vast background and deep interest in Vedic Sciences. This was the inspiration for GemPundit’s genesis. Once the idea took shape, we delved deeper to evaluate its viability. An aspect which stood out was the lack of trust and transparency in the world of gemstones. This is primarily because, in India, gemstone and jewellery businesses are traditionally family-owned establishments whose business models are characterized by a high level of opacity.

With customer preferences gradually shifting towards e-commerce, traditional jewellers also started setting up an online presence. In GemPundit, we saw an immense opportunity to reimagine online gemstones and jewellery. We introduced cutting-edge jewellery manufacturing processes and leveraged the power of Big Data to understand the finer nuances of customer behaviour. In parallel, we invested heavily in developing dynamic sales and support teams. Behind all these initiatives was a single objective –to provide natural gemstones with full disclosures and education to our customers.

Men, it seems, have taken a keen interest in astrological gemstones. What are the reasons for this increasing popularity among male buyers?

Men have typically styled their look with accessories such as watches and leather goods. Bespoke jewellery pieces, especially those which incorporate gemstones, embody the wearer’s personality and fine taste, while their astrological benefits have a positive influence on career, relationships and financial position. Coloured gemstones, therefore, represent a formidable combination of style and success which men are discovering to their delight. Natural gemstones also make for great investment options which further increases their appeal.

Film actors, sports-persons, businessmen, stockbrokers and political leaders are big proponents of gemstones. It is not because they have the means to buy them. It is because luck plays a big part in their professional pursuits.

What factors should a buyer keep in mind before committing to a gemstone? 

Natural gemstones are not ordinary pieces of jewellery. They can be considered powerhouses of positive energy; however, such energy will manifest only if gemstones are unheated and chemical-free, and their healing powers are channelized through scientific, time-tested methods.

At GemPundit, we take customers through an enriching journey which leaves no doubt in their minds that they are making the right choice. We travel across the world to provide genuine, pure and unused gemstones which are certified from renowned gemstone laboratories to our valued customers. From bespoke jewellery designers and renowned astrologers to high-definition photography and videography, we offer a vast repertoire of services to our customers.

Today, GemPundit has evolved into a fast-growing, savvy brand and a trusted name for over one lakh customers globally, including members of erstwhile royal families. With an extensive catalogue of over 50,000 certified gemstones, buyers can select from the largest variety of products available online. Our relentless focus on authenticity and customer delight are key reasons for our business model’s success.

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