“Digitization or automation will ensure strategic execution and optimal results”

How has the brand pivoted its business strategy post-covid and what have been the biggest challenges in doing so?

In the post- COVID scenario, our priority being health and safety, we adopted the ‘work from home’ concept which resulted in us, encountering a set of new challenges that needed prompt solutions.  The myths that we confronted included,

  • Difficulty in Monitoring Functioning
  • Adverse Impact on Productivity
  • Data Securing Issues.

However, appropriate strategies and solutions were found that rectified these challenges like,

  • Usage of Task Flow applications.

The implementation of these strategies ensured Improved Accuracy and Increased Productivity.

Simultaneously, COVID scenario ensued in the mounting costs of raw material and packing material. We implemented cost cutting and cost management methods to compensate the additional costs. Also, automation of various process flows assured effective manpower utilization and increased efficiency!

What are your biggest learnings and takeaways from the events of 2020?

The events of 2020 have taught us to adapt to the given situation or the “new normal”, by modifying our strategies to mobilize our capabilities and provide our best, irrespective of any challenging scenario.

The COVID situation resulted in increased operating costs and to combat this, we implemented stringent measures which included the calculated reduction of the number of SKUs of packing materials. Thus, substantially reducing the huge PM inventory; rationalizing all other ROLs of FG, etc.

Another major challenge was the efficiency of communication between us and the dealers over phone, WhatsApp, Google Meet, etc. Initially, it was presumed that this new mode of meetings and discussions cannot pave way to breaking of big deals. However, shortly after changing to this novel way of communicating, our apprehensions proved to be baseless with dealers closing significant deals through WhatsApp and being ready to communicate through various apps.

To adapt the sales team to the new telecommuting style of working and communication and to increase productivity, meticulous training was provided to them using Google meet, every day. Subsequently, to strengthen our customer care division, we revised our earlier strategy of recruiting only from Chennai, which proved detrimental in inducting quality workforce that spoke other languages. The work from home concept provided the advantage of recruiting native language speakers from different and specific areas at affordable costs.

“We Measure what we Get”- Automating processes through Task Flow Application has provided us with the benefit of measuring performance at the root level, every day. This enables us to correct our course of action then and there and not delay till the month’s end to do the same. The Application ensures quantification of performance, as it happens!

What do you believe to be the key pillars brands and individuals must embrace if they are to succeed in the next normal?

Digital Transformation, Resilience of the Work force and Redesigning of the work space would be the key pillars to succeed in any enterprise, in the current scenario.  Striving to leverage our resources, relationships and products that benefit our employees, customers and influencers, we strongly believe in adapting to the “next normal”. Confronted with the existing unparalleled and untoward situation, a drastic re-imagining of the process, function and role becomes necessary that will fundamentally alter the future of work, workforce, and workspace, as a direct consequence.

Performing repeat, predictable tasks will be brought down by the digitization, increasing efficiency. We would be focusing on skilling, reskilling, and building a resilient workforce.

So what we would be doing in next normal is

  1. A cloud-ready business-technology operating model
  2. Revisit talent; skilling reskilling and building a resilient workforce
  3. Reinvent our business model at its core – t focusing on areas that touch more of the core of our business

The digitization or automation of processes and measures will ensure building and execution of accurate strategies for optimal results!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jayanta Chakrabarti

    January 29, 2021 at 7:23 am

    Sheenlac Paints is the synonym of Quality. This company has proved that with a strong quality conscious strategic objective also achievement of Spread , Turnover & Customer delightment is very much Possible. It’s a company , who has provided three wings of coating under one single umbrella. Sheenlac is one of the strongest Speciality coating company in East Asian market.

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