Role of CX in building construction industry

A great customer experience means we are committed to find positive outcomes through a unified team effort. The brand and company’s reputation depend on customers. The services and experiences we give them determine how they feel about our brand. If our brand is highly respected, we will easily get business opportunities from existing and new customers.

Customers may discuss brand with their peers. If they are delighted with their service experience, they will recommend us to other players in the construction industry. It is also true in the opposite case; if they are disgruntled, they will share their bad experiences.

The pandemic resulted in substantial changes in consumer behaviour and expectation, causing companies to reflect how they connect and service their customers. The urgency and severity of the pandemic has forced the companies to adopt the technology in minimum time which would have taken a longer period in normal pace. In order to improve customer experience, companies have developed specific values for their product and services by marrying the technology.

The building and construction industry has always been slow on adoption of tech services. However, with changing consumer lifestyle, end user expectations, building and construction sector is also evolving rapidly.

There are companies like JSW Steel who have adopted technology across the entire construction value chain and have become a preferred choice as they offer consumer greater access, visibility, options, and choice at their fingertips. One such solution is JSW Sambandh-Customer Portal. Due to this initiative, there is a bigger shift in the consumer mindset as they prefer such technology enabled enterprise. As the shift happens, customers as well as companies both are recognising the importance of digitalisation and customer experience.

In the commodity market where product difference is marginal, service plays a very important role. The culture of technology-enabled innovation is becoming a distinctive, competitive asset that most companies are looking to gain. Through these kinds of innovations, companies are trying to create a conducive environment for the customers, and they are improving customer experience level every day.

The lack of transparency and trust is exacerbated by the industry-wide standards of advance payments and defaults. Solutions that offer consumers trust, transparency and accountability are the need of the hour. With tech-enabled innovations, companies have made transactions very easy.

Studies have shown a direct link between increased tech adoption and improvement in customer experience. Also, while technology plays a key role, front line staff should be given practical ideas on how to put customer first and be emphatic. Executives should learn how to support, accelerate, and celebrate customer-centricity within companies by incorporating design thinking into the strategic planning process early on.

Being consistent with our customer service levels is very important; we may not always offer perfect delivery services, but we can ensure the customer understands and is happy with how we handle each situation.
Customers are becoming digital-savvy and are keeping pace with evolving digital technology. Companies needs to be in sync with customers to adopt technology so that they can match customers expectation to make him delighted.

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