Pushing the boundaries to enable and advance remote healthcare

Aryan Goyal, CEO, Dr. Trust

Dr Trust enables its customers with tools to effectively monitor chronic ailments and improve their lifestyles. We believe in innovation and catering new products to the ever-growing needs of the home health care sector. We are a digital first company wherein we sell our products through online channel partners such as e-commerce players, distributors and retailers.

Nowadays, there is a renewed focus on healthcare to be able to better cope with the pressures of fast-paced modern living. Consequently, home healthcare and wellness devices have become more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Dr Trust’s product range comprises of trustworthy medical devices and health monitors, which are backed by pioneering technology. Dr Physio, on the other hand, offers some of the most imaginative and restorative wellbeing and personal healthcare products. We have always strived to offer high-quality yet affordable healthcare and wellness technologies to every Indian household.

We are a team of innovators who are pushing the boundaries on creating products and services that are high on quality, creativity, and efficiency. We work towards making human life healthy, happy and thriving-for all age groups.  All our products are manufactured with the brains, watchful eyes and hard work of expert industry professionals and the recommendations of doctors. Our mission is to continue producing and engineering new technologies for a comfortable and a better tomorrow.

Moreover, affordable home healthcare technologies can be a boon, both as regular health monitoring tools and therapeutic devices like massagers. With the onset of Covid 19 and with India witnessing a growing need for tech-driven home healthcare devices, our nationwide presence will help make such solutions easily available to a wider audience.

In an unregulated Indian home healthcare devices market, where low quality and obsolete technology devices have been historically available, we have differentiated ourselves by introducing advanced medical devices in India which are only manufactured as per USFDA and CE guidelines. Dr Trust has emerged to be the most reliable brand for devices like blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, blood glucose meters, infrared thermometers, Ecg machines, nebulizers, electrical breast pumps for nursing mothers and weight management tools like Smart body fat scales. Our mission is to enhance every Indians health and wellbeing – and we intend to do this be offering them ground breaking solutions that will allow them to monitor their health in the easiest ways possible.

In today’s era when all our lives are too hassled to handle, it becomes a bit difficult to pay attention to our health. But it has now become easier with the introduction of the monitoring devices which can be conveniently used at homes and even on the go. Dr Trust brings its customers a variety of best self-monitoring devices, trusted and used by Doctors, medical professionals and home users all over the world.

Digital technology has also been roiling markets and disrupting companies for more than two decades, but despite that lengthy history, companies in our sector are still struggling to enact and deliver on digital transformations. Unlike other brands we have been razor-focused on going all out on digital and have outperformed our peers to be the leading healthcare and wellness brand on various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal , 1mg, PharmEasy ,Tata Croma and our own e-commerce store, www.drtrust.in.

Our real value proposition lies in innovation. A cornerstone of our innovative strength is to apply our R&D in a real-world setting – accelerating commercialisation which in turn brings innovation closer to citizens.  We have launched several innovative products which have disrupted the market and led to increased functionality, ease of use and customer delight. Some examples of this include Atrial Fibrillation detection in Blood Pressure monitoring, Respiratory rate in pulse oximeters and Hindi voice feedback in devices for patients with poor vision. Dr Trust has also developed ‘connected’ health care devices which is built around the patient’s needs.

We facilitate efficient management of wellness and health with our range of Bluetooth connected Healthcare Devices, including Blood Pressure, electrocardiogram (ECG) and smart scales which integrate into the Dr Trust health apps on your mobile devices. These devices, which work with Dr Trust Apps for Android and iOS users, have brought remote patient monitoring closer to Indian customers. We are also working on bringing more new and innovative devices to our platform. Nureca holds over 100 design patents. Lastly, Nureca was the first company of its kind (A digital-first healthcare company) to go public in India. It was listed on NSE and BSE at a premium of 60% of offer price in February 2021. The IPO was oversubscribed 40 times, with a whopping 169 times over subscription on the retail portion.

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