Overcoming challenges by being alert to customer demands

In conversation with Prakash Velayudhan, Managing Director, QWQER

Prakash Velayudhan, MD, QWQER

What have been the toughest challenges that your brand faced post-pandemic, and how did you overcome them?

The hardest challenges we face as a comprehensive delivery service platform are the unpredictable nature of the market and its sudden fluctuations. Also, our customers demand that we remain very flexible in terms of our offerings and services. This requires us to be constantly agile and alert about our customer demands.

We have overcome these challenges by tailoring our services in tune with our customer needs. Different segments require different approaches and we have specialised industry focus for various sectors that cater to their unique requirements. We have also extended operating hours and have been present in different locations to facilitate seamless delivery of our services.

How do you envision the future of delivery services sector in India?  According to you, within the delivery service sector, which vertical is expected to experience maximum growth and why?

The delivery services sector is burgeoning and flourishing in India. It is also evolving and maturing as it cuts across sectors and more locations become conducive for operation. The pandemic has brought about a paradigm shift in the way people go about life, they’d rather fulfill their requirements from the comfort and safety of their homes. This has created a huge opportunity for delivery services to capitalise on and extend their services to meet the growing demand for hyperlocal delivery in more and more locations.

From our experience, grocery, medicine and consumer goods are shifting away from traditional shopping styles and becoming more reliant on delivery services. However, it is hard to pinpoint any one sector as there is increased demand for all sectors. Daily essentials are those that remain a top priority and the pandemic has reinstated the reliance of consumers on delivery services to gratify their basic needs in a simple and easy manner.

As a brand, what is your top priority? Also, give us a glimpse of your future plans.

We put our delivery partners first and give them top priority as they are the core of our operations, we make sure that they are compensated well and are provided requisite safety measures. Customer experience is at the heart of our solution and process design, we give our customers a smooth and hassle-free experience that is so easy to use they can use it more and more for their various needs.

Currently, we are operating in 14 cities in South India, but we would not want to limit ourselves to the South but grow beyond and expand to 60 locations by the end of next year. We are working on adding more product lines and making us a Super App, raising the involvement we have with our customers, and becoming more a part of their daily lives.

What is the core philosophy of your brand and how do you plan to capitalise the growing opportunities in the sector?

We are committed to keeping the user experience at the core of the QWQER brand identity. We want to establish ourselves in the minds of our consumers by focussing on creating a superior experience through continuous improvement of technology, giving our delivery partners relevant training that elevates their skills, and by overall customer-centric process design.

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