Outcomation framework for growth-bound enterprises

The idea with Outcomation Framework is to provide tech-enabled solutions tailored to drive Tangible Business Outcomes (TBO) for growth-bound enterprises. Often businesses focus more on the “means” rather than the “purpose.” While we start any journey with a purpose, we sometimes inadvertently lose track mid-way and focus on the means that get us in an imbroglio. It derails us from not focussing on value-added activities and shifts the focus on non-value-added activities even though some of them might be currently essential.

The purpose starts with “Why”, while means is the way to travel the path of purpose with “How”.

E.g. in Performance Management, often the focus is on KRA forms, workflows, approvals, moderation etc. While all these may be essential, but these are all means wherein we are measuring performance. The higher level purpose from a CEO’s perspective is to ensure performance. The Outcomation framework helps you to move from measuring performance to ensuring performance. Similarly, often payroll processing is considered as a value-added process, while it is just a means and the higher level purpose is to pay the employees on time and that too accurately. Outcomation framework has helped us introduce the revolutionary ‘Zero Touch Payroll’.

This ensures that the framework is built on the principle of focusing on purpose with value-added inputs and providing a broader effective solution. It covers all aspects of HRMS including recruitment, onboarding, performance management, employee engagement, and much more.

Outcomation builds HR as a strategic function that contributes directly to the top-line and bottom-line of the organisation, which is keenly observed by the board and governing leadership. In order to achieve this, Outcomation focuses on three key areas:

Strategy: This means that HR is integrated into the broader business goals of the overall business strategy. By aligning HR with the business strategy, Outcomation enables HR teams to drive outcomes that have a tangible impact.
Metrics: The framework helps HR teams to measure and track the impact of their activities in a tangible format. HR can now demonstrate absolute data-driven decisions.
Quantum jump in outcomes using LEAN: Outcomation framework helps in fundamental re-thinking using the LEAN methodology and challenging current ways of working and implementing strategies.

Prasad Rajappan
Founder & MD, ZingHR

At ZingHR, we have introduced and successfully implemented the Outcomation framework recently through a series of pit stops across India focusing on various functions with multiple enterprises and found out that it was far more effective, tangible and result oriented for HR leaders in enterprises.

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