Navigating the new normal – Digitisation, Disruption, and Innovation

Digitisation and disruptive innovation generate new markets and value networks that eventually displace the more established ones. The western conception of disruptive innovation centers on the replacement of an existing good or technology with an improved or new one. The maxim is to disrupt or be disrupted. Here are some highlights from the panel discussion at the Global Business Summit 2023 on navigating the new normal – Digitisation, Disruption, and Innovation.

Robin Joffe

“India is poised to take the top position. It has progressed phenomenally in terms of digitization as it is becoming the global leader in innovation. Consumerism is on the move. To address the changing times, firms need to be agile and disruptive in terms to scale massive opportunities.”

Lingaraju Sawkar

“It is important to make sure the infrastructure is resilient and adaptive to transforming technology.”

Sanjay Khanna

“The way we look at digital culture is setting the agenda at the top. Our motto is to bring seamless and digitally secure customer experience not only to customers but to our colleagues as well. We have created a global digital content platform to help new small businesses to transition to online payment mode seamlessly.”

Sameer Khetarpal

“For us, the journey of digitization started way long back. We aim to further leverage innovations and digitization to build products. There are a few initiatives that are long-term and short-term that we are taking to enhance customer experience.”

Akshay Munjal

“We need to look at the role of technology and innovation going ahead. In this, there is no one department working on it, but the onus is on each department to collectively work and accelerate its adoption.”

Bharat Uppiliappan

“Today every medical decision is based on a diagnosis test, we aim to provide technologically advanced diagnosis services to each one in the country. It is important to embrace technology and innovation in doing the same. Providing a seamless experience will require advanced levels with unmatched competencies”

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