Microsoft plans to produce goods for global use in India

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella lauds India's efforts in digital public goods, citing UPI and Aadhaar as two examples

According to Microsoft’s chairman and CEO Satya Nadella, the company is making “major investments” in India and, unlike in the past, is developing global goods in the country.

The largest development centre outside of the US is here with us. In an interview with ET, Nadella remarked, “We have made considerable capital investments in building four huge data centres”.

The corporation has historically produced products elsewhere and marketed them in India. However, Nadella noted that this feature is changing, and the company is now producing global products here.

Besides this, Nadella also praised India’s technical advancements. He stated that in addition to start-up unicorns, huge multinational corporations, small businesses, and public sector organisations are all using digital technology in India to add value to their users and clients.

He also appreciated the United Payments Interface and Aadhaar as examples of digital public goods developed in India (UPI).

Nadella is widely credited with turning around the venerable software firm to make it the third most valuable company in the world behind Apple and Saudi Aramco. For this reason, he predicted that artificial intelligence will be “the next big wave.” The search engine Bing and other Microsoft products will be connected with OpenAI’s  ChatGPT platform, which is supported by Microsoft.

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