Microsoft upgrades Bing with powerful AI

“It can help you write poems and stories, or even share ideas for a project," Microsoft said.

Microsoft Bing is reportedly being customised and will now be incorporated with artificial intelligence on the lines of ChatGPT – a chatbot designed by OpenAI. The new enhancements will enable Bing to address inquiries in a conversational format, similar to how ChatGPT replies to queries.

Bing can now better gauge the context of the query and will give ‘essay-style’ answers along with the relevant links. But according to Microsoft, ‘summarised answers’ formulated by “consolidating reliable sources across the web,” will be emphasised. The American tech colossus added, “It can help you write poems and stories, or even share ideas for a project.”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, in a conversation with reporters at the company’s headquarters in Raymond, Washington, remarked, “This technology is going to reshape pretty much every software category.” Users can also ask follow-up questions for clarification.

The AI-powered chatbot will allow users to do tasks like planning a trip, creating a three-course menu, assisting with coding, and providing recommendations for a music festival. The remodelled Bing is similar to ChatGPT in that it’s built to be more ‘conversational.’ However, Bing can supposedly answer certain queries that ChatGPT can’t at the moment. This is because of the Prometheus model – OpenAI’s cutting-edge underpinning that provides real-time web data.

Concerning the accuracy of the search results, Microsoft said that the search engine can give unexpected or inaccurate results as the project is nascent. Microsoft’s FAQ reads, “AI can make mistakes, and third-party content on the internet may not always be accurate or reliable.”

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