Microsoft Bing’s AI chatbot unable to handle queries; chat now restricted to 5 turns per session

The number of chat sessions that can be held on Microsoft’s brand-new Bing search engine, which features ChatGPT-like artificial intelligence, has been restricted, as per recent developments. The software behemoth said on Friday that the discussion experience would be limited to 5 chat turns every session and 50 chat turns per day. A turn in this case refers to an interaction between a user query and a Bing result.

A select set of users from over 169 nations have been testing Microsoft’s new Bing search engine, which is driven by artificial intelligence. The business claims that the integration is not intended to replace or act as a stand-in for the search engine, but rather as a tool to help users understand and make sense of the world.

The new Bing search engine’s outcomes, however, were factually wrong, potentially hazardous, and the technology is not yet suitable for public usage, according to certain media sources.
The business acknowledged in the blog post that extremely lengthy chat sessions “may confuse the underlying chat architecture” in the new Bing. In order to address these concerns, a change in how chat sessions are focused has been made.

After five turns in a conversation session, users will henceforth be asked to start a new topic. To prevent the model from being perplexed, the context must be cleared at the conclusion of each dialogue session. Users must click the broom icon to the left of the search area to force a restart.

The vast majority of users receive the answers they seek within 5 turns, and only 1% of chat sessions go more than 50 messages, as per Microsoft data.

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