Country’s “Fourth Arm of Defense,” with 200-year legacy

Ordnance Factory Day 18th March 2022

India celebrates Ordnance Factories Day every year on March 18th.

The oldest Ordnance Factory in India, located in Cossipore, Kolkata, commenced production on March 18, 1802. On this particular day, the Ordnance Factory, Field Gun Factory, Small Arms Factory, Ordnance Parachute Factory, and Ordnance Equipment Factory all honour it with great ceremony. The Indian Ordnance Factories (MoD) are overseen by the Ministry of Defence, and employees at all levels take part in various planned celebrations around the ordnance facilities to honour the day. Normally, the exhibitions are free and open to the public. The celebrations begin with a parade, which is followed by a display of photographs from various climbing expeditions.

The Ordnance Factory board

The Ordnance Factories Board was founded in 1775 and is headquartered in Ayudh Bhawan in Kolkata. It is both the world’s oldest industrial organisation and the world’s largest government-run manufacturing organisation. It is one of the world’s top 50 defence equipment manufacturers. The board’s tasks include testing, production, research, development, logistics, and marketing of a wide range of items in the fields of land, sea, and air systems. OFB was disbanded on October 1, 2021, according to an official order issued by the defence ministry’s department of defence production on September 24, and the assets, workers, and operations of the 41 factories would be transferred to the seven defence public sector organisations (DPSUs)

Indian Ordnance Factory Service (IOFS)

The Indian Ordnance Factories Service is a civil service of the Indian government. The officers in the IOFS are Gazetted Defence — civilian officials who support the Ministry of Defence. The Indian Ordnance Factories are under their control. Officers of the IOFS perform project management, product development and research, quality control, materials management, supply management, production control and planning, industrial safety, personnel management, labour welfare, industrial relations, residential estate maintenance and management, and a variety of other tasks.

The Significance

The Indian Army’s Ordnance factories play a critical role in the creation, testing, logistics, research, and marketing of a wide range of land, sea, and air systems. They serve as a centralised manufacturing platform for defence hardware and equipment in the country. Every government in today’s world demands a consistent supply of weaponry and ammunition for its armed forces. The goal of this day is to ensure that high-quality goods are produced and that labour force and their work are recognised. Ayudh Ratna, Ayudh Bhushan, and other honours are also bestowed upon workers.


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