A 20-year journey

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A 20-year journey

India’s leading LIMS and quality management solutions provider, Caliber Technologies, completes a milestone of 20 years of transforming Pharma and regulated companies with its robust digital solutions. In the evolution story of the Indian Pharma industry, Caliber has a special place. Established in the year 2001, Caliber played the role of a catalyst to the Indian Pharma industry with the first Indian LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). In 20 years, the organization has grown to 11+ robust products and now plays a crucial role in the digital transformation of organizations across the world.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]The Pharma industry has undergone a sea change from the time of industry 2.0 and now moving towards industry 4.0. The constant evolution of the Pharma industry with the support provided by the Pharma IT solutions has catapulted the industry to its current position. The Pharma sector in India is thriving now exporting generic and branded medicines across the world and is touted to be the pharmacy of the world. It is a well-known fact that a significant portion of generic medicine in the world is imported from India. Technology and digitalization have made it possible for India to be well-positioned in the world Pharma industry. The rise of digitalization has revolutionized the way medical products are manufactured.[/box]

A Catalyst of Transformation

Digitalization plans were always on the cards for the pharmaceutical companies but choosing the right solution is most essential. Caliber acted as a catalyst in accelerating the digital journey for many Indian Pharma companies.

Since 2001, Caliber has provided comprehensive and compatible solutions aiding the digitalization processes in different areas of production enhancing product quality and processes. For example, analysts in laboratories depended on paper notebooks for documenting observations. With paper came the risks of back-dated entries, illegible handwriting, loss of data which not only makes the job of the analyst difficult but also non-compliance in many cases. Further, storage and protection of the records was a challenging task.

CaliberLIMS entered the pharma landscape back in 2001 to significantly change the way pharma operated, assisting analysts, chemists in handling laboratory functions effectively and empowering management to make crucial decisions with readily available data. Today, CaliberLIMS, with 20+ modules, is India’s most preferred, comprehensive, and robust LIMS solution that leads the digital transformation of mission-critical processes like sample workflow, generation of trends and analytics, instrument calibration, raw material management, and complete laboratory information management.

Cut to 20 years later, by 2021 Caliber now offers solutions across the quality value chain to empower quality assurance, manufacturing, data, and analytics.

A Vision for Pharma

Caliber is led by its founder CEO, Sekhar Surabhi, a well-respected leader in pharma who also serves on the board of the Indian chapter of ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering). His grand vision for integrated quality management has the concurrence of pharma leaders and SMEs. In Sekhar’s words, “A Quality Management System should be a holistic and scalable solution that can be integrated with applications like ERP, LIMS, Training Management, and Document Management, providing analytics and data metrics to address current and also future regulatory requirements.”

Digital transformation is the essential path for Pharma companies today. Caliber strives to provide the products to deliver its vision to the Pharma industry. Caliber, with its range of digital solutions, envisions complete and robust Integrated Quality Management (IQM) which can significantly change the way organizations manage quality and deliver products quicker to market with lesser wastage and more compliance.

With AI and ML entering the Pharma world, predictive analysis from IQM will further help in controlling deviations, maintaining better quality, and building a data-based quality culture. With readily available data and trends, it empowers management and executives to arrive at crucial business decisions that enhance product quality and process efficiency. Meeting global compliance needs is ensured by design.

Integrated Quality Management – IQM, a concept pioneered by Caliber assists Pharma companies to achieve more than simple digitalization of processes. It aims at making the integrated data from various applications available in one place for analysis and decision-making. IQM helps in avoiding data silos, thereby ensuring relevant quality metrics are met. It assists in constant review of the processes, products, and services. IQM is the future of Pharma.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Economic Times – ET Edge Insights, its management, or its members

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