Interdependence of human and technology — Unleashing the true potential of global economy

While talking about Artificial Intelligence, Anita Williams Woolley, the Associate Dean, Research; Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory; Tepper School of Business, feels it is not a threat to mankind, but a blessing in disguise.

Delivering her articulated speech at the Global Business Summit 2023, Anita Williams Woolley, Associate Dean, Research; Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory Tepper School of Business, talked about the instrumental role of technology and the digital revolution in making the world a global village.

As connectivity with information continues to grow, the means of disseminating information keep on diversifying. This has contributed to enhanced productivity and enhanced communication across the globe. Reiterating the need to embrace technology in every sphere was the underlying theme throughout her speech.

The growth of information has led us to accomplish goals at a faster pace globally. Hence, technology and data need to enrich the quality of collaboration so they can go together hand in hand. Human intelligence and the use of technology complement each other, and are equally important for the progress of the global economy.

She talks about a unique concept of “Management Science”, which encompasses the idea of managing people and processes systematically via organisational structures. Hence, embracing technology is the need of the hour to make work processes globally efficient and effective.

Furthermore, she emphasised the idea of adopting technology to assist humans in simplifying menial, repetitive tasks. This gives the workforce an opportunity to do highly productive tasks and add value to the organisations.

Coming to talking about AI, Woolley feels it is not a threat to mankind, but a blessing in disguise. It assists humans in working more efficiently with robust systems in place. Another theme of “Artificial Social Intelliegence” centred on the need to invest in collaboration across the work to build better global teams and social relationships.

Another recurrent theme revolved around “Management Science 2.0”, also known as “intelligent future”, which helps to solve complex challenges and problems and accomplish goals in various sectors.

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