Indian organisations have taken initiatives to increase their diverse workforce

Diversity in the workplace has significantly evolved over the last few years. Organisations have realised the benefits of having diverse talent and are looking for new ways and initiatives to diversify their workforce.

Air Products’ goal is to become the most diverse industrial gas company in the world. We strive to continuously raise the bar for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in our company. To support our goal of being the most diverse industrial gas company in the world, we aim to achieve at least 28 percent female representation globally in various roles.

While working on creating a diverse workforce, we need to focus on building awareness and allyship to promote gender diversity and provide a culture of open dialogue and transparent communication. Our policies are designed to provide an inclusive environment where people feel they belong and matter.  “Tell me more” is one such platform for promoting healthy dialogues, internally and externally. Additionally, the company has partnered with the Society for Women Engineers (SWE), to provide a platform for women to succeed, advance and be recognized for their contributions and achievements as engineers and leaders. Our Employee Resource groups (ERGs) encourage courageous conversations and act as a catalyst for change.

COVID-19 has steered organisations to re-think traditional ways of working. Embracing hybrid and flexible models provide organisations access to a wider diverse talent pool and help to retain their existing talent. These more flexible working models allow both men and women to balance their professional and personal priorities.

Globally women have proved, with their skills and different perspectives, they are ready to take on challenges and lead businesses.

With diversity leading the future growth of organisations, society has a bigger role to play in educating the masses and allowing the richness of thoughts and innovative solutions that a gender-inclusive environment can bring. Our society has come a long way in sensing the role women play in building successful organisations.

Over the past few years, Indian organisations have taken initiatives to increase their diverse workforce, and we need to continue to accelerate these measures and create more opportunities for women to grow professionally. Diversity and inclusion are integral for the long-term growth of any organisation.

The Diversity momentum is slowly picking up in rest of the world, there is a global need for a diverse workforce, defining policies to empower women will help bridge the diversity gap in corporates.

Organisations in India need to create women friendly policies and create a culture where people can excel, in order to build diverse workplaces

We should explore the best practices globally and adopt ways to improve gender diversity at workplace.

Authored by – Kavita John , Director Human Resources – Air Products India



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