India is poised for interesting times says S. Sunil Kumar, President Henkel India

  • Proclaimed as one the world’s major fastest growing economies and a potential world leader
  • On the trends, challenges, and opportunities  

On the latest episode of InConversation with ET Edge Insights; S. Sunil Kumar, President Henkel, India speaks of the India growth story.

S. Sunil Kumar, President Henkel, India

Cited as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the India is on an ambitious journey towards becoming a $5-trillion economy in the coming years. India is poised for interesting times, the last two years has been a big challenge for not only in India but globally, India took a leadership position here fought against the Pandemic and came out buoyant, says Kumar while he speaks of the government’s core support and well-placed policies.

“Overall, very exciting times for India. We at Henkel, will unquestionably play a strong part along with the leadership, Government of India and various associations to make the $5 trillion economy journey a super success

At the same time, the manufacturing sector plays a pivotal role in this journey, of making the $5 trillion economy a reality and a number of initiatives have been launched in recent times to provide impetus to the manufacturing sector, Kumar shares, We are trying to change the entire GDP growth towards a high growth, high rate manufacturing economy.

He speaks of ecommerce and digitization both in the rural and urban regions, which has been crucial to the growth factor.  Kumar opines, “Every country wants to have growth but India is also speaking equally in the same breath, saying that we want to ensure that there is a very strong focus on sustainability and sustainability development goals.”

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