The Great Disruption: How technology, and innovation will change entire industries

The COVID – 19 pandemic has created a truly unprecedented situation which has affected humanity as a whole. This has been highly disruptive for the economy at a global level. However, technology has significantly gained an advantageous position during these challenging times while succouring the hardships brought about by the pandemic.

COVID – 19 has brought about digital transformation and has significantly accelerated enormous developments which had been underway before the pandemic. The situation has led to development of emerging technologies and innovations to come up with reduced human-to-human contact, automated processes and increased productivity amidst social distancing.

Today, technology is set to be at the heart of every workplace as we return to office, post the coronavirus induced lockdown. Workplaces are making changes in their conventional systems to adhere to social distancing norms and monitor employees using cameras with thermal sensors to ensure they are not carrying fever. Factories are using wrist bands that alert workers if they get too close to each other and hospitals are using heat-sensing trackers that can keep an eye on patients’ body temperature. Education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.

There is going to be a fundamental change in how things work and new business models, supply chains and mechanisms will come into being. A lot of new ideas and projects will also come into play in the forthcoming times. The post-covid world isn’t simply about measures that focus on employee safety but it’s also about efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Our Reviewed Business Approach during COVID 19:

Like most businesses, it had been challenging for us to keep the wheels turning during the lockdown and Healthcare industry too found itself tested by the pandemic. However, COVID-19 has completely changed our approach towards business and we have extensively planned our transition towards the next normal across multiple horizons and assembled high functioning teams to respond to the immediate crisis in order to accomplish the instantaneous need and of course, thanks to technology, which has been the key factor in driving most businesses.

We advantageously regained our skeleton supply chain domestic operations within a week after the declaration of the nation – wide lockdown with timely decisions and actions, right strategy and a dedicated and engaged team. Now supply chain is trying to normalize despite the cluster lock down situation across the country.

Our Strategic appraisals during COVID – 19: 

  • HORIBA MEDICAL has always been committed to provide the best of healthcare products and services and believes in coming up with technologically enhanced new products in the market.
  • During the COVID times, we introduced products like hand sanitizer, first in class instrument sanitizer and contact less thermometer at very affordable prices in the market.
  • We have also brought in hematology cell counting products that could help in testing of CBC, CRP, Malaria and COVID related infections.
  • HORIBA is also pleased to announce that we are the first organization to introduce Fever Clinic Concept in India and looking forward to our foothold into the molecular field.
  • We have also conducted many live webinar sessions on different topics during the COVID 19 lockdowns to maintain a connect with our customers and channel partners. Hence, we could proffer confidence and assurance by showcasing a resilient HORIBA and our commitment to be with the customers during righteous as well as challenging times.

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