How Gautam Adani could overtake Elon Musk as the world’s second-wealthiest person

In 2022, Adani's wealth reportedly increased by $44 billion, while Elon Musk's decreased by $133 billion

Gautam Adani, founder and chairman of the Adani Group and the third-richest man in the world, may soon surpass Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, and move into second place.

Elon Musk and Gautam Adani, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, have respective net worths of $137 billion and $121 billion. In the previous year, Adani’s net worth increased by $44 billion, while Elon Musk lost $133 billion. If Musk’s wealth continues to decline, Gautam Adani might pass him up and become the second-richest person in the world.

Earlier on December 13, Bernard Arnault overtook Elon Musk as the richest man in the world. According to a recent report, Musk is the first entrepreneur ever to have lost $200 billion.

The Bloomberg wealth index’s highest-ranked person from Asia is Gautam Adani. He ranked in first place among those whose fortune increased the most, globally this year.

Adani, a first-generation business man who failed to complete his undergraduate education, began his career in Mumbai as a diamond trader before finding success in ports, renewable energy, and logistics.

The USD 49 billion increase in Adani’s wealth, which helped to drive him ahead of billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, has been taken into consideration in the Bloomberg report.

Adani-led, Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL), the largest solar energy generator in the world, is quickly expanding its capabilities to produce various types of renewable energies.

Adani is not only leading from the front in humanitarian endeavours, but has also emerged as the leading Indian conglomerate with the greatest market valuation.

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