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Govt using three-pronged approach towards building equitable workforce: Women & Child Development Minister Smriti Irani

By Anirban Ghoshal

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  1. There is nothing much of Bharatiyam in the views expressed by Smt. S Kriti Irani / Minister of Women and Child Development Minister/ Government of India. This is more of imitating the West which had developed lots of complications. Even some of the women in the West are getting attracted to our way of life.
    Vivekananda’s message:
    “… But mark you, if you give up that spirituality, leaving it aside to after the materializing civilization of the West, the result will be that in three generations you will be an extinct race; because the backbone of the nation will be broken, the foundation upon which the national edifice has been built will be undermined, and the result will be annihilation all round”.(III.153)
    Topic –India: Our Motherland)
    “An India prostrate at the feet of Europe can give no hope for humanity. An India awakened and free has a message of peace and goodwill to the groaning world”.
    I hope there are at least some women who are in line with the views mentioned above.

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