Google co-founder returns to the company and files his first code in years: Report

In an interesting turn of events, Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, returned to the organisation after years of absence, and is re-entering the coding arena again, according to a Forbes report. The recent announcement comes in the midst of many Silicon Valley tech giants vying for dominance in the artificial intelligence technology niche. Brin seemingly filed his first request in years to gain access to code, as reflected in the screenshots obtained from Forbes.

The request was reportedly filed in pertinence to LaMDA – a natural language chatbot project launched by Google in 2021. LaMDA has recently been in the limelight as the project represents Google’s attempt to rival ChatGPT – a chatbot designed by OpenAI. Last month, Microsoft supposedly invested 10 billion dollars in OpenAI, thus furthering their rivalry with Google in the AI sector.

To access the data that drives LaMDA, Brin filed a “CL”, meaning “changelist”, as reported by a person in the know. The filing by Brin was reportedly a two-line change to a configuration file to incorporate his username into the code. After this was done, several engineers at Google from various teams gleefully approved the filing by responding with LGTM, short for “looks good to me.”

Founders Brin and Larry Page vanquished bulk of their responsibilities from Google since 2019, when Page handed over the reins to Sundar Pichai before becoming of the CEO of Alphabet – Google’s parent company. But recently Pichai summoned the company institutors to evaluate the company’s strategy and help produce a software rivalling ChatGPT.

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