Goel Ganga’s take on sustainable luxury housing: Opportunities and challenges

In the real estate market, sustainable luxurious buildings are taking centre stage. They are unquestionably necessary in light of increased urbanisation and rising carbon footprints.

Goel Ganga Developments takes the responsibility of embracing sustainability in their business practices. While being Vaastu compliant, Goel Ganga Developments also takes care to make sure every unit in their buildings get ample light and air ventilation so as to avoid the unnecessary use of light and air conditioning in the spaces, thereby furthering our cause to reduce the carbon footprint.

Homebuyers are excited to have homes that provide them with space, health, hygiene, and comfort. Sustainable housing comes with many opportunities and challenges.

Opportunities faced by luxury housing projects –

● Some real estate developers have produced buildings with world-class designs and top-tier amenities to match their expanding demands. Finding the right home has always required purchasers to be patient, but with the real estate industry currently engulfed in demand for sustainable luxury homes, various dream home projects are sprouting up on Pune’s terrain. Many consumers now place a premium on sustainability and exclusivity. Luxury properties in Pune with well-built outdoor spaces stand out since these places serve as an extension of your home, allowing for comfortable interactions with others.

● Individuals opting for luxury apartments as the ideal investment are constantly in high demand. The definition of sustainable luxury housing has evolved due to lifestyle changes and higher aspirations. Among the country’s high-income earners, investing in real estate can also be considered an excellent tax-saving option.

● Sustainable luxury housing is an opportunity for investors to save on energy. Energy management is critical in luxury structures that emphasise comfortable and upmarket living. The architect must control the passive solar design, reduce cooling or heating needs, and promote natural airflow in the building. They are using energy-efficient lighting and appliances that can significantly lower total energy demand and allow installing new design solar energy technology. It could make the home energy neutral, if not energy surplus. Buyers are increasingly looking for these specifications.

● Green living is not a step back in time; it includes many modern conveniences and luxuries. Rainwater collection and photovoltaic solar power systems have been installed. It is simple to generate electricity whenever needed rather than relying on a power plant. The same holds for water supply and demand. Green homes are temperature controlled, making them a precious asset.

● As previously noted, green living saves money and is suitable for the environment. Rainwater harvesting saves approximately 60% of the money each year. Using photovoltaic solar energy reduces the need to pay the electric bill. LEDs can also be used to consume the least amount of electricity.

Challenges faced by sustainable luxury housing projects –

● Many significant spots with green surrounding areas and views are well-established. Rebuilding to higher quality is a challenging task.

● Adequate parking is only sometimes available; most luxury buildings have a maximum of two parking spaces per unit.

● Land value in ultra-premium locales. If the developer wishes to target the luxury market, premium land values will result in high unit pricing.

Anurag Goel
Director, Goel Ganga Developments

The luxury design would be more of a celebration of distinct cultural elements, intelligent technologies for super-convenience, local and potential business appeals, capital growth possibilities, and so on, all of which would stimulate purchase. It is well-known that the climate is changing, and global warming is growing due to ozone depletion. They have irrevocable consequences for both human and animal existence. You only need to alter your lifestyle to reduce your environmental effect.

Most of Pune’s real estate developers, including Goel Ganga Developments, are moving towards a greener environment through sustainable luxury housing. In the last decade, Goel Ganga Developments has been awarded with the IGBC 5-star eco housing certificate for all of their projects. Sustainable luxury housing is definitely the way ahead for the real estate industry.

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