Gender diversity: The need of the hour

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a daughter-in-law, yet I am ambitious. Several years ago, I was the only woman in top management. But today, it makes me feel immensely proud that I am surrounded by many women leaders in my team. We have not only grown in numbers but also have a direct say in highly impactful business decisions. At DSV Air & Sea we are creating leadership for a diverse future.

For us, diversity means attracting and retaining talent across genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds.

We are increasing women’s representation in leadership and decision-making by redistributing tasks and productive resources. We are taking conscious steps and progressing towards a gender-equal competitive organization having a sustainable diverse future.

We believe that right at the entry gate for talent i.e. hiring, providing training on inclusive hiring, ensuring a diverse interview panel with diverse interviewers, skipping the nice-to-have requirements, and sticking to must-haves are essential. Our hiring managers exclude non-essential criteria and refer to broader capability requirements to avoid a disproportionate focus on professional qualifications.

Through inclusivity, we empower female employees to contribute and collaborate. This results in higher team morale, growth opportunities, and a lower employee turnover rate as well.

In the past, many women have struggled to find acceptance in the workplace because of societal expectations and stereotypes. However, women have made enormous strides in several formerly male-dominated industries and are excelling in leadership roles.Women approach their careers in a self-reflective way and value factors such as meaning, purpose, connection with co-workers, and work-life integration.

Apeksha Bhadauria, Director, Human Resources, Air & Sea, ISC – DSV Air & Sea Pvt Ltd

Let’s us also hear from other women leaders of DSV:

Ruchi Sodhi Mathur, Head Marketing, Indian Subcontinent

As a mother, I never raised my child, keeping gender in mind. It is high time that we stopped these biases at work too. We have to be diverse and keep an open mind when it comes to bringing in females or people who are gender neutral. We have to bring in representation on the basis of their skills and talents and not on the basis of their gender. We have to uplift and empower each other, challenge the biases that act as an entry barrier, and above all, change our mindset when it comes to being diverse.

Rajni Bhaskaran, Executive Asst – RD/MD – ISC & Senior Administration Manager – India Administration

Nazar ko badaliye to nazariya badal jayega We must change our perspective towards diversity. Both genders are a creation of god and attribute towards contribution to the universe. It is about time in 21st century a discussion of gender diversity takes an about turn for good. As a women leader at my work place I do not see any gender inequality,  women bring in grace, strength, intelligence & are born a multitasker.  Thus it goes without saying that we need to have more representation of women at all levels in the industry. Keep shining …and spreading happiness & Kindness.

Sophia Pereira, Director- Customer Service & Customer Solutions

A nation needs to value every gender equally to progress in the right place. When both male and female members are treated in the same way, it is the best place to grow, learn, and add great value. I strongly believe that women empowerment promotes an awakening of talents, abilities, a sense of confidence, and a right to influence change, so I urge all women out there to reshape their perception of how to view themselves and step up to take the lead.

Vidhya Sundarraajan, Regional Head, South 2

I am one of the few women leaders in our industry to take a leadership role. It is a huge opportunity and a challenge to try to balance several aspects of business and home. As a woman, we are experts at multitasking and love taking ownership of whatever we do. I feel women are more committed, focused, and dynamic in all facets of life. We give our best and wish the best for the people around us. I also believe women must help and support each other and break the dogma that 2 women don’t get along!! More power to all the women out there!! May you fly higher and higher, spreading love and positivity in everything you touch !!

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