Faith to go online: Anchoring a paradigm shift in jewellery shopping

Not too long ago, the biggest looking pieces at the smallest cost were the framework of shopping jewellery, especially for weddings. Bargain hunting was considered a smart move and design did take a back seat. Bold baroque pieces that stood out were the dressing diktat for brides.

But the recent sales point to a changing paradigm shift in the purchase patterns of brides-to-be. The millennials, especially in the 18 – 29 age groups are redefining the set frameworks and looking to brands to enhance their appeal and express themselves on their big day.  Intricately designed jewellery in rose gold that blends in to make a personal statement is the preferred choice – a smart decision that enhances the wearability and adds to one’s style of dressing.

Another important shift is the growing consciousness to seek and wear ethical diamonds. This growing conscientiousness that leads to sustainable practices endorses our belief in the future generation: A generation that looks for perfect craftsmanship in every piece and wears it with a soul. It is for these customers that Faith is crafted for – A bespoke luxury brand – that sources ethically, is not mass-produced, and maintains our legacy of customer’s first by crafting jewellery with a personal touch.

Faith is a customer driven brand with deep roots spanning across 4 generations of jewellers crafting exquisite pieces with the finesse and finish of international brands. It is certified by IGI – world’s largest lab and more importantly it upholds the soul of a century old tradition that to date considers customers as family and participates in all zest to add to their occasions.

One can observe that many brands online deal with mass produced products that have the Indian bride still looking for good designer jewellery. By experience, we notice that the trust and love that brides seek from their jewellery is often a missing factor. To them, the growing online access is both a boon and a nuisance. They now have easy access, but the search for the right piece has just been made difficult.

We are set to resolve this inherent gap in the online jewellery industry. In a bid to reach out to our global family of customers, we not only employ cutting edge technology,  master craftsmen that have worked for generations with us but also by reimagining the design process to meet your lifestyle needs we are driven to offer you designer products with that distinct touch of personalization you seek.

In addition to this, our legacy and top-notch quality have helped us win several awards in recent years; the trust we share and our culture to deliver needs as desired, have been infused to elevate the jewellery offered online. The diligent process is nearing completion as Faith is set to go online soon.

This industry innovation has youngsters coming back for more. They now seek to purchase for celebrating their personal milestones, their professional successes, and family gifting and perhaps even build their trousseau themselves over a period of time.

The changing paradigms are more than jewellery buying trends, they speak for the women of today who seek the best, who are conscious about their splurges and are ready to be themselves and flaunt it with a sparkle in their eyes. Our Mission is to add a soul to the online mass-produced jewellery enhancing its value and crafting treasures for a lifetime.

Come Discover Faith, Fall 2021.

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