EVs are paving the way to a more sustainable future

The automobile industry is one of the most influential markets in the world. Rapid technological and environmental changes have forced the industry to evolve and undergo transformation.

As the industry becomes more conscious of environmental conservation and moves towards a sustainable future, in the coming years, we will witness significant growth in the production of EV vehicles. From material usage to process and associations, the automobile sector is increasingly switching to eco-friendly methods of production and supply.

Lexus is committed to leading the steady growth of electrified vehicles. With the goal of zero-emission, we build our vehicles using recycled steel and non-ferrous materials. As India steps into an electrified future, we are leading the change by combining futuristic technology with a human-centric approach. Lexus has been a pioneer in the development of self-charging hybrid electric vehicle technology and today delivers an unparalleled electrified drive that must be experienced to be truly appreciated. Lexus Hybrid vehicles offer a seamless, optimal combination of electric power and fuel that makes for an environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient drive designed for convenience and comfort.

Lexus achieved the global milestone of 2 million electrified vehicles sold at the end of April 2021. Lexus now sells nine electrified models worldwide, including Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), in over 90 countries and regions around the world. Globally, Lexus electrified vehicles accounted for one-third of Lexus sales in 2020.

Naveen Soni
President, Lexus India

Currently, across the eight markets in Asia, electrified vehicles accounted for over 20 percent of regional sales in 2020. In addition, the cumulative effects of reduced CO2 emissions to date (2005 to end-April 2021) add up to approximately 19 million tons, which is equivalent to the combined CO2 output of 300,000 passenger cars per year. In line with the corporate mission for carbon neutrality and sustainable development goals, Lexus is committed to leading the steady growth of electrified vehicles and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

This is an ideal solution for India as it steps into an electrified future. In a society that is only increasing its environmental consciousness, electrified vehicles will have an important role to play. As a brand, Lexus is always trying to drive this by combining futuristic technology with a human-centric approach and delivering more amazing experiences, believing that the discerning Lexus guests in India will continue to appreciate Lexus for crafting electrified vehicles that are future-ready.

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