Agro industry looks forward to a great era of growth and opportunity

How do you keep your staff motivated:

Shree Renuka Sugars follows the people-first approach by adding purpose and meaning to the work wherein the culture creates a sense of accountability and responsibility. Our HR department is constantly working on making the company a pleasant place to work.

We create room for employees to grow, create space for employees to excel in their job areas, and ensure everyone is provided proper space for growth to the next level.

How can you build a workplace where people feel appreciated and motivated to do their best work?

We encourage people to be respectful, honest, and supportive and believe in keeping our practices and systems transparent so that we remain loyal to our employees and vice versa.

We encourage employees by rewarding them for their excellent performance and design the benefits, welfare, and reward programs in such a way that employees feel satisfied and feel a deeper connection to the business.

Has COVID-19’s effect worn off, and can agro-based industries look forward to better times?

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the way businesses operate in agro-based industries. However, we were fortunate enough to row out of it and march toward excellence. Agri-commodities-based companies observed a disruption both in demand and supply chain in the market. Now with changing perspectives from Government, the industry looks forward to a great era of growth and opportunity.

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