ET GBS 2023: Key entertainment and sports personalities to share industry insights

New Delhi is to be star-studded this Friday evening for the GBS 2023 by the Times’ Group. Many leading industry players are set to grace the stage and share their visionary thoughts and ideas. Originally conceived in 2015 and presently in its 7th edition, the Global Business Summit 2023 aims to facilitate government-to-government, and business-to-business engagements while also acting as a conduit for corporations and governments to secure investments from domestic and foreign allies that will contribute to India’s growth story.

The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) CEO and General Manager of Cricket, Geoff Allardice, an ex-Australian cricket player, will attend the summit. Another celebrated individual from the sports industry, Harsha Bhogle – known as the “voice of cricket,” will also be in attendance. The star had a television show named after him, “Hunt of Harsha.” He began his career at the budding age of 19 and is considered the king of cricket commentary. Cricket commentator and journalist Terence will be present at the event to share his industry insights.

A few more dynamic personalities from the entertainment industry who are partaking in GBS are Ted Sarandos, Co-CEO, Netflix, and Terence D’souza, Creative Director, Hotstuff Advertising. Sushant Divgikar or Rani Ko-HE-Nur is a Mumbai-based LGBTQIA+ activist and drag artist who is a sensation and hope for LGBTQIA+ and has made a significant contribution as an activist. Joining the list of youth icons is Niharika NM, a south Indian influencer popular for her comical, witty, and relatable YouTube videos and Instagram reels will also be present at GBS. Niharika is a desi creator who took the internet by storm during the lockdown.

(This article has been edited by Reeya Katakdaund)

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