ET GBS 2023: Key discussion domains and topics

ET GBS 2023 is all set to be conducted by the end of this week on the 17th and 18th of February. A glamorous lineup of speakers from all across the globe, including India’s PM Narendra Modi, will take stage to share their thoughts, discuss, debate, ideate, and forge new pathways to the future in the 7th edition of the event.

The Global Business Summit is a flagship enterprise of the Times Group, and has become an annual tradition that attracts big names from around the world. The venue for the two-day event is the Taj Palace in New Delhi.

The audience will be presented with an opportunity to listen to visionaries, thought leaders, heads of state, policymakers, climate advocates, academicians, and corporate leaders share and discuss insightful information.

Devised in 2015, the 7th edition of GBS endeavours to formulate solutions to critical macroeconomic challenges being faced in the present environment by facilitating inter-governmental communications, business-to-government conventions, B2B interactions and to serve as a channel for corporates and governments to obtain investments and become integral to India’s growth story.

Let’s now take a look at the key discussion areas and topics that’ll be covered at ET GBS 2023, as listed on the event website:

• India’s Decade
• G-20 – Navigating Strategic Highways
• A Tale of Two Financial Recoveries and Lessons Learned for The Future
• Global CEO Panel: The Global Hurricane – Negotiating the Headwinds
• Globalization Of Cricket
• The Global Economic Outlook
• Sustainable Economy for The Greater Good
• Concerns In The New World Order: Technology & Sustainability; Navigate Economic Turbulence
• Human Capital – Skilling for A Future-Ready World
• People, Processes, And Business: The Intelligent Future of Organizations
• Space Race: Technology, Transformation and Us
• The Future of Satellite Mapping
• The Future of Money
• Thriving Under Disruption
• The Future of Mobility
• Is India Inc on The Cusp of a New Era?
• The Design Code: Developing Communities

(This article has been edited by Aditya Krishnan) 

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