ESG: Paving the way for the future of business in India

In conversation with Raj Subramaniam, President & COO, FedEx Corporation

ESG has become a universal call to action for businesses globally. As businesses navigate the changes brought in by globalization, technology, society and consumer behavior, companies need to embrace ESG as a strategic business imperative to drive long-term value. A strong ESG proposition has the potential to revamp how successful companies plan, implement, and operate.


To hear Raj tell it all watch the video for the complete conversation


“At FedEx, connecting the world responsibly and resourcefully is at the heart of our business. While the letters E, S, and G have started taking prominence in the last few years, it’s at the core of who we are and what we do.

Watch Raj Subramaniam, President & COO, FedEx Corporation, introduce ‘ESG: Paving the way for the future of business in India’ in a fireside chat with Vinod Mahanta, Senior Editor, The Economic Times at The Economic Times ESG Leadership Dialogue, powered by FedEx Express.


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