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Digital Transformation 21

Industries have gone through a drastic change since the onset of the global pandemic. This transformation has led organizations to innovate on their business models, client service models, and, at the same time, prioritize employee safety and business continuity. Some of the entities are unable to reimagine their ways of working due to a lack of flexible infrastructure, tools, assets, and technologies.

Novac is a digital transformation and cloud solutions company with strong expertise in Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, and Digital Learning. We help businesses in the transition towards the digital world with our wide range of niche solutions. We cater to various financial services, insurance, and retail industries with our robust enterprise solutions with a unique ability to transform businesses from the ground up. Our strength lies in our palette of products and solutions and helps companies manage their technology and processes with high-quality standards.

We have taken steps to seamlessly run our daily operations and activities by implementing the Work From Home (WFH) model, ensuring the employees’ well-being and business continuity for our clients since the day of lockdown commenced. We implemented various measures to provide continuity with our stringent security framework without compromising the quality.

Most companies with complex legacy landscapes have started to augment their core digital capabilities. Novac is well equipped to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds through platforms using Digital capabilities like Cloud, AI automation, advanced analytics, and agile methodologies, modernizing their core systems to accelerate innovation and deliver design-led experiences that delight customers.

As a Cloud Solutions company, we provide cost-effective, end-to-end product solutions running in a resilient infrastructure with cutting-edge engineering, cloud technology, and the power of design, thereby enabling digital transformation for businesses. The global pandemic has presented the Fintech industry with a unique opportunity to speed up and adapt to the digitalization process as physical infrastructure has failed to scale up.

Our solutions are response-first, process-driven, and which enhances the customer journey. We aim to build innovative products and continually update itself to keep pace with the ever-evolving and changing customers’ demands & trends, enabling businesses across industry verticals to collaborate and deliver greater value to the customer. Our agile and responsive solutions provide a seamless onboarding experience to the customers and help in having the entire customer life cycle in a single view. Our solutions help in the enterprise-wide business transformation and provide seamless integration across various customer touch-points.

As the industry is up for the transition, few key areas demand immediate attention and, in doing so, can accelerate the process with real-time data, AI, Machine Learning, and advanced analytics to create a transparent, efficient control tower. This leads to cutting down overhead costs, improving compliance, reaching out to new markets, enhancing product designs, and, more importantly, establishing new revenue models.

Mobile technology has changed the digital landscape and helped organizations to reach out to their customers in a much simple and faster way. Due to the social distancing norms, mobile apps usage and digital payments significantly went up during the lockdown period. Novac’s strong Mobile platforms empower the marketing and sales teams and help in enhancing their productivity. The mobile app sector keeps on remodeling every day. To maintain the never-ending client demands, we continuously reinvent and adopt the right mobile app development strategies.

We monitor and assess the organization’s adequacy on IT and cyber, security-related governance, and considering the organization’s future needs, the apparent risks as continuously monitored by improving security protocols, and the concerned stakeholder addressing any challenges encountered on a regular basis.

Novac takes the next step towards delivering top-of-the-line solutions with our agile way of working to create a custom engagement model with a blend of teams, methods, tools, and thereby forging innate value relationships with clients.


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Economic Times – ET Edge Insights, its management, or its members

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