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Simplifying cross-border payments: Centralised platform for efficient transactions

cross-border payments

Cross-border payments are transactions between individuals, businesses, or even financial institutions in different countries. Let us look at how digital innovation is changing the landscape of cross border payments and solutions to tackle challenges in the process of cross-border payment In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, global industries realised that digitalisation was the need … Read more

How payment data monetization is increasing revenues and improving customer outcomes

Payment data monetization is increasingly allowing organizations to use payment data to provide additional value-added services, increasing revenue and leading to better outcomes for end-customers. How is payment data generated? Payment data is everywhere, with all commercial transactions generating new types of data. Payment processors, financial institutions, and banks are custodians of large amounts of … Read more

RBI extends UPI for international travellers in India

To enable convenient means of digital payments for international travellers, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), announced yesterday that all foreigners visiting India can now make payments by availing United Payments Interface (UPI) while in India. The provision will be made available from the 21st of February 2023, as per RBI’s statement. Foreign travellers can … Read more

Mapping Talent Strategies for the Digital Economy

Global capability centers are transforming businesses across the globe while reshaping the talent landscape. High demand for and availability of talent skilled in advanced and emerging technologies is enabling capability centers to move up the work value chain, and positioning India as an engineering and innovation hub.  Amidst a fast-paced digital revolution, capability centers are … Read more

What is the ‘twin transition’ – and why is it key to sustainable growth?

Digitization has a key role to play in supporting sustainable growth during this decisive decade for action on climate change. By adopting a ‘twin transition’ approach, leaders can bring the digital and sustainability agendas together to future-proof their organizations. Royal Schiphol Group and PA Consulting have co-produce the Twin Transition Playbook, outlining three phases to accelerate … Read more

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