Developing an incorporated and integrated CX strategy

In a market full of options and availability, each of us these days requires a sturdy and willful customer base built on that trust factor that makes clients always choose you.

Making a choice is not easy and the power to take a decision only comes after a lot of evaluation and conscious choices are made. And what matters more for an IT Partner to be counted upon are the central values of Commitment, Passion, and Human Touch which are also the core values we take count of at Velocis.

It has been noticed that for a long time, businesses were making modifications and engaging with their customers at the surface level only. For too long, loads of attempts were being made to preserve business relations alone.

While taking care of business relations alone and making it the center of everything may have been the case and trend till some time ago, it is observed that post-Covid, companies must build resilience into every aspect of their business. With digital disruption and the great re-set factored in, it is now time to personalize the entire customer journey and make meaningful and valued connections with them resulting in stronger relationships with customers.

We must also make a note that in a rush to promote and make commercial enterprises, meaningful and valuable connections are most often, sadly enough, not taken care of nor taken seriously. As a result, clients have been driven to a side wherein their experiences remain unheard. They face poor experiences which most often catapult and backfire.

One must understand that “Experience Optimization” is the key to striking the right balance between “Expectations Setting” and “Meeting the Expectations”. When aligned the right way, the effectiveness to participate in customer’s transformation journey can be beyond our imagination. Indeed, satisfied customers not only are more engaged, but they also demonstrate better and deeper brand loyalty.

Immersive customization and joint ownership of outcomes cumulates to effective Customer Experience:

At times, points solutions are not sufficient to cater to end to end automation hence there is a need to create solutions/ utilities/ dashboards or integrations which make it complete and complementing with large platforms leveraging their API’s and other integration possibilities.

At Velocis we have discovered that is where you are able to participate in actual transformation and are able to make the technology work to deliver the business outcomes. It is about understanding the customer’s needs, pains, and worries and then coming up with a bespoke solution that meets those needs exactly as expected. It is about handling and crossing through barriers by diligent implementation, conscientious management, immersive customization and a continuing ownership of outcomes. This is where the element of our “Human Touch” comes in, and together, we “Partner for Growth.”

Then what is it that truly matters and might alter the game?

With digitalization and AI coming in, it’s far easier to improve the lags and strains of Customer Experience. For example, pre-set algorithms can not only predict the future behavior of a unique customer but also predict their competitive behavior analysis, their sentiments, likes and dislikes, and their buying habits.

But depending on algorithms may not be the same as “going there in the market and being heard”. Personalization is the major key to winning your customers which gives you a powerful competitive edge to thrive.

Have interaction and connect:

In today’s times, we are all aware that B2B shopping is not transactional anymore. Customers want more value for each penny they spend and look forward to being treated as unique customers throughout. In this scenario, Deeper Engagement and reference to the client are therefore more essential than the enterprise transaction alone.

What is Deeper Engagement?

Deeper Engagement is a way to engage with the customer from the very beginning while operating collectively to understand the demanding situations that may come up on the way and give solutions to those challenges which would be aligned with the consumer’s requirements. This would further result in obtaining the favored business magnitude which would help gain your trust in you.

Also, as companies seek to foster customer engagement, it has become imperative to understand your customers deeper and relate to their needs.

At Velocis, we, therefore, have a serious CX practice that follows the inverse pyramid diagram; that is a serious CX practice that is in line with the customer’s prioritized business outcomes throughout the engagement.

Remember that a wrong sale will by no means cause a high-quality client experience. For this reason, the more we are thorough with our homework, the extra we will ensure that there are no gaps.

No business can settle for good enough service, CX is much more:

Customer Service is about responding when a customer expresses dissatisfaction. On the other hand, CX (Customer Experience) is focused majorly and largely on proactively optimizing the end-to-end customer journey to avoid any situation of customer dissatisfaction getting reported.

With the post-Covid era setting in when most of the organizations are going into a hybrid mode, it is important for us as the CX practice also to be supremely agile. Customer priority shifts; and so, should our way of catering to their needs. At a time when the world is already making a paradigm shift, it is important to see how CX can help and be future-ready to help.

Keeping this in mind, Velocis works day and night to make sure that we are equally agile to handle extraordinary situations and break barriers wherever needed. Our customers must build resilience into every corner of their business and so should we be ready to support them.

Any company will always be compared to any experience ever by the customer. To handle this, always work in alignment to set goals and success plans. Review periodically and recalibrate wherever and whenever required.

Not only this but baselining things also which need to be measured must be known to you as well as the customer for maintaining transparency. Any improvement can be topped up only if the baseline is marked well in advance.

Developing an incorporated and integrated Customer Experience strategy:

Engagement throughout the lifecycle for faster value realization is the objective but barrier handling/management calls for an understanding of barriers and devising mechanisms to address those. Remembering Business Outcomes within stipulated timeline are the key.

Therefore, one needs a strategy to guide customer experience initiatives and activities.

Since CX equates to the sum of every interaction a customer has with business, each CX strategy needs to define how one will deliver a superior experience. Think of it as a framework for customer experience and keep refining.

Deepesh Rastogi, Sr. Vice President | Head – Customer Experience & Marketing at Velocis Systems Private Limited.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ET Edge Insights, its management, or its members

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