Conspiracy theories in the age of the pandemic

Whether for some ulterior motive, or because of a lack of information or simply due to incessant rumour mongering, there are an inordinately large number of conspiracy theories in and around the origin of COVID-19, it’s spread across countries and the vaccination process that is sure to begin in the coming few months. This report delves into what these theories are, and the effect that they may cause.

There are a large number of people known as the “anti-vaxxers”, who are staunchly against vaccination and artificial interventions to combat diseases. The reason for this is their scepticism about Big Pharma companies running vaccination programs for the health and safety of the public. What the anti-vaxxers believe is that vaccination is just a way for big Pharma companies to make more profits. Additional arguments include the concerns over under reported side effects and zero accountability of vaccines.

All of this feeds into what the World Health Organization identified as “vaccine hesitancy”, which they identified as one of the top ten threats to global health in 2019. Vaccine hesitancy is the refusal to be vaccinated and to have one’s children vaccinated. This trend has been fuelled by people who have lost faith in the government and the healthcare system.

This report delves into what these theories are, and the effect that they may cause.

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