Cloud – The innovation engine

Cloud and AI will continue to play an important role in transforming businesses digitally, powering innovation and developing intuitive and thoughtful business solutions that create customer value. Cloud is emerging as a key enabler for digital transformation for enterprises to become more agile, scale up faster and focus on the delivery of product or service. Enterprises can deploy AI and ML tools on a cloud to get better insights from their data to drive quicker decision-making.

In recent years the cloud adoption rate has increased year on year, and the current pandemic is likely to catapult it to the next level. A leading research firm forecasts that spending on public cloud services will increase 23.1% in 2021 to reach USD 300 billion. With a large part of the workforce working remotely, there is a good chance that organizations will eventually shift to cloud if they haven’t done that already.

In this report we touch upon the precise points that can help an organization in their cloud journey. It explains the key tenets of how cloud can help businesses to innovate and drive better and quicker decision-making. It also provides a quick glimpse of how to get cloud-ready, create cloud migration framework and generate value with real-time, AI -enabled decision-making.

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