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These are uncertain times. Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted every business sector across the globe. All the enterprises of the world are going through similar problems. But it is in your power to overcome these challenges. You, however, will need three things – Truth, Tactics and the Will Power to Try.

Facing the truth, telling the truth, and living your company’s truth is important. Looking back in history, we will find many heroes in time. The last time a pandemic hit the world was way back in 1918 – the Spanish Flu. In 1918, a young boy caught the Spanish Flu and lived to tell the tale and went on to build a huge empire that was unimaginable, to state the least. He is none other than Walt Disney, the famous co-creator of Mickey Mouse. Today, every year more than 20 million people visit the Disney Theme Parks and Resorts in Japan, France, China, and USA.

Walt Disney’s life exemplifies my motto – Use what you love to fight what you hate. Our toughest challenges can be fueled by our passion and drive compassion from others. If your business is taking a hit now, it supplies you with compassion to tap into. It can be the fuel that drives your sales teams and all your customer interaction groups to connect at a personal level with prospective and current clients.

Let’s digress for a bit and discuss the “Boiling point of water”. 100 degrees is the precise temperature when water starts boiling and turns to steam. Steam that can be used to do industrious things like running a train. But at 99 degrees, all you have is just very hot water. In your business world, it is that 1 degree that can make all the difference.

So, in your team webinars, include asking empowering questions like “What is our truth?” “What do you believe we can do as a team?” Maybe such a question is all you need to turn a boring meeting into a collaborative meeting that churns out extraordinary business ideas and solutions.

How you use your truth is powerful. The famous painting by Edvard Munch called “The Scream” is a glaring example of truth. The painting is a self-portrait where, the extremely ill Munch, suffering from Spanish Flu is screaming, being abandoned by two of his friends. If this were a business painting – those two friends would be time and money. Losing either of the two, is sure to make a business professional scream. Munch, however, not only survived the flu but went on to become a famous artist, and the two friends that never left him were talent and creativity.

No doubt, at some point this year, you felt like screaming yourself. After all, business leaders had put in a lot of effort to plan the marketing strategy for 2020, but now, suddenly in the post COVID world, your go-to marketing plan can no longer be utilized. This, however, should not discourage you. If your business has talent and the ability to innovate, then all you need is a fighting spirit. With your will power to succeed, you can get back in the game instantly.

Here are a few simple tips and tactics that can help your business flourish in the present situation.

Empower and Motivate Your Team

  • Conduct 1-on-1 check-ins on your team members
  • Encourage them to have a dedicated workspace
  • Make sure they have the right equipment to work from home
  • Develop an entrepreneur mindset
  • Inspire them to be creative and think outside the box
  • Conduct frequent video webinars
  • Make sure your webinars are engaging and interesting
  • Don’t shy away from giving out freebies in the webinars

Increase Your Social Media Usage

  • Invest in developing an effective Social Media Strategy
  • Boost your image with an All-Star LinkedIn profile
  • Use more visual content
  • Choose the social media channels carefully
  • Be authentic with your posts
  • Never fail to try out different ideas

About the author

Willpower Harris is a Strategic-planning & Business Coach for Elite Entrepreneurs & CEOs. He is the CEO of Willpower Consultation, a global firm specializing in marketing, sales-training & motivation.






Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Economic Times – ET Edge Insights, its management, or its members

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