Building firms on the collective contributions of our diverse and inclusive workforce

For nearly eight decades, Gainwell Commosales has been engaged in building the foundation of our nation, with a strong focus on the next century of progress. With over 2000 employees across 108 touchpoints, our success has been led by the collective contributions of our diverse and inclusive workforce. Our commitment towards building a workplace that gives everyone a strong sense of belonging, has been recognized with the Great Place to Work certification for the third time in a row. This recognition is an endorsement of our values and culture, which is passionately owned and driven by our diverse talent.

Traditionally, the construction & infrastructure and mining industries have always been considered to be the male bastion. At Gainwell, we challenge this notion and make every effort to break the bias.  We believe in creating enriching experiences for our people as we continue to welcome more women into our family every day. Some of the most efficient frontliners at Gainwell, battling the not-so-ideal working conditions, are the young women toiling at the mining project sites and at the E&T customer sites.

Our long-term policies are created by viewing them through the gender lens as we strive to build the ladders to attract, retain and develop women talent at the organization – an effort that is visibly supported by the leaders at Gainwell. We have developed a clear roadmap of programs and policies and are working towards developing the most conducive environment, so that when women come to work, they can bring their whole selves to work.

The success of our programs has been made possible by the commitment of the entire organization—specifically, the male members who are actively involved in creating an equitable workplace. The Gender Diversity Council with an equal representation of men and women alike have established specific diversity target, set up a women’s only network, framed a mentor-mentee program, launched leadership development programs, and developed a comprehensive maternity and paternity policy, all the while providing an empowering environment where women are encouraged to take chances, be fearless and try new ventures.

To celebrate the power and potential of the women of Gainwell, a meet titled ‘Sampurna’ is organized every year. Sampurna presents a unique platform that ensures that every female voice is heard. It acknowledges the challenges that they face at work while creating opportunities for them to come forth with new ideas to chart out a clear roadmap to increase their representation in the organization.

2020 brought into stark focus the regressive effect on gender equality caused by the pandemic. While we did not have a remote work policy, we offered the opportunity to operate from home to all the employees except those involved in essential services, in line with the government regulations. We remained empathetic towards our women workforce who were forced to play multiple roles while facing the challenges of managing work, family and domestic life simultaneously. We invested in training and development programs to nurture the women workforce and gave them access to opportunities and support, enabling them to maintain their productivity at the same levels as the pre-corona era. We organized facetime with the women workforce, though virtually and maintained transparent communication to equip them with the confidence and security they needed to navigate the difficult times. Women mentors actively connected with their mentees, helping them manage stress and anxiety.

Despite the ongoing crisis, we made concerted efforts to help women continue on their path to progress within Gainwell.

At Gainwell, we embrace the diversity of thoughts and differing perspectives, where everyone gets an equal opportunity for a seat at the table. People are heard and appreciated as we celebrate the differences that make us stronger.

Authored by

Akanksha Chaturvedi, Head-Corporate Strategy & CR, Gainwell Commosales Private Limited


Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ET Edge Insights, its management, or its members

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