Aun Abdullah

Advancing towards a net-zero future

By the end of this decade, India will witness an unprecedented level of urbanization With temperatures soaring above 45ºC this summer, parts of North India experienced severe heat waves. Already recognized as one of the world’s most heat-stressed nations, India faces a fiery conundrum in the coming decade, as an alarming proportion of India’s population … Read more

True Sustainable Development, Need of the Hour

Sustainability across environmental, social, and governance dimensions is no longer a compliance exercise, it is now proven that by focusing on sustainability, companies can expand their impact, boost their competitiveness, and help build a better future for humanity. Real estate sector not only is the primary consumer of hard-to-abate sectors (cement, steel, etc.) but it … Read more

Towards building a carbon-neutral future in real estate

India, at the COP26 held last year, pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2070. More than 50% of global GHG emissions are caused by housing and transportation, they require major decarbonization within this decade. Consequently, the Indian real estate sector in step with its importance to the country’s economy is making sustainability a prime driver right … Read more
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