An engaged workforce helps nurture an equitable, energetic and fun work environment

We are inexorably moving toward a society in which a better EX is equivalent to a better CX.
When it comes to honouring employees’ contributions and elevating their needs while advancing toward development and profitability, businesses today are cutting no corners.

When ET Insights contacted Pallav Popli, Chief Revenue Officer of Vantage Circle, an employee engagement platform that offers a variety of solutions to businesses looking to excel in employee solutions, we obtained a unique insight on delivering solutions towards achieving employee excellence.

Q1. How has employee engagement solutions helped in improving the work culture of companies?

Employee engagement is the need of the hour, especially during a time of great resignation and quiet quitting. It helps enhance employee productivity and retention and gives a purpose for employees to work their best. Vantage Circle breathes employee engagement daily, and we believe that an engaged workforce always brings success to the company.

Engaged workers perform better. They are proactive and go above and beyond what is expected of them. Visionary organizations channel this energy in the right direction to improve performance. The channelization happens through equal and fair compensations, rewards and recognition, constructive feedback, and no discrimination based on gender, caste, religion, sexuality, etc.

Also, note that employee engagement is contagious. People are likely to pick up your excitement and join you if you are highly engaged in what you do. But vice versa is also true. If your employee is disruptive at work, they may negatively impact others. Thus, positive engagement is the key differentiator of growth and innovation.

We believe an engaged workforce helps nurture an equitable, energetic and fun work environment, whereas a disengaged workforce attracts attrition, turnover, and burnout issues.

Q2. How has Vantage Circle been able to emerge as one of the leaders in the employee engagement Industry?

Vantage Circle initially started as a company within the walls of a small apartment, but now we are a family of 180+ employees, and much prestigious clientele falls under our banner. Some of our clients include WellsFargo, Wipro, Airtel, and Tata Motors, to name a few.

If you were to ask how we emerged as one of the leaders in the employee engagement industry, I must proudly say charity begins at home. We practice what we preach. By saying that, I mean we try and test our products and services amongst ourselves before we can deliver them to our clients. If we communicate the importance of rewarding and recognizing your employees, we implement the same in our workplace.

Vantage Circle believes in equal rights for all. We instantly recognize people for their skills and efforts, not for who they are or what they identify as. We believe in a no-discrimination policy. And that is a prime factor in elevating employee engagement at work. When employees receive equal and fair opportunities alongside on-spot and digital R&R, they tend to lend their trust, loyalty, productivity, and engagement to the organization’s success. And this further gets communicated to colleagues, clients, and the rest of society, depicting a company culture of equity, engagement, and satisfaction.

Q3. What are the solutions that Vantage Circle provides in the HR Tech space?

Vantage Circle is dedicated to helping our clients enhance the employee experience in their workplaces. We have a range of products and services that helps HR professionals digitally carry out their HR functions that too automated. We help our clients in the HR Tech space to reward and recognize their employees wherever and whenever needed.

Since remote working has become a norm, digitization of R&R is crucial for employee engagement and experience. You must recognize and appreciate every employee equally. Also, corporate and employee wellness is crucial to maintaining sound mental and physical health for increased retention and reduced absenteeism. And finally, you must give utmost importance to employee feedback surveys. You must take their feedback seriously and work on improving them continuously.

Thus, these are the elements that can keep your employees engaged and also helps elevate their employee experience. So, keeping all of these in mind, our products are as follows.

  1. Vantage Rewards- The one-stop digital rewards and recognition program.
  2. Vantage Fit- The corporate and employee wellness program for employees to track and maintain their body vitals for a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Vantage Pulse- The employee feedback survey that communicates employee needs and areas of improvement with utmost anonymity.
  4. Vantage Perks- The employee benefits program that includes employee discounts, vouchers, dinner and movie options, and other retail therapy experiences at a discounted price.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ET Edge Insights, its management, or its members

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