5G is here, heralding a step up in speed in this connected age

Standing on the threshold of the data decade, it is overwhelming to see how far we have come and to realize the ways that made this journey possible. With technology evolutions in the bygone decade, we are more informed, more connected and are better equipped in the new decade to steer the future of digital economy towards an intelligent economy at a pace not imagined before. All credits to 5G – the fifth generation of wireless telecommunications technology!

With 5G enabling hyper-fast wireless connectivity, virtually eliminating network delays, cities will become more connected and flying autonomous drones will become the new reality. Virtual pets will awe your children in the living rooms as much as their friends.

The speedy 5G way into bigger and brilliant possibilities

We are already witnessing a rising demand for agile and flexible services and solutions. Intelligence around the edge-core-cloud is dictating the inclusion of storage, compute and other embedded capabilities.

DellBy now, it is quite evident that 5G technology will spawn new and innovative business models. The technology will make way for more connected devices and more data generation, which also includes faster data speed and adoption of intelligent IoT. In fact, Gartner had predicted that the worldwide 5G wireless network infrastructure revenue in 2020 will reach $4.2 billion, which would be an 89% increase from 2019 revenue of $2.2 billion1.

Some of the things that we may expect are – smart factories with connected devices and IoT, enhanced AR and VR experience with super-speed and bandwidth, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and edge computing with high-speed and low latency data transmission.

Though the shift to this next level of connectivity will open new opportunities for every industry, yet enterprises need to be ready to overhaul their infrastructure.

Dell EMC – Ready to accelerate the 5G momentum

At Dell EMC, we understand technology shifts and we are very bullish about our future in artificial intelligence and data-driven solutions. For us, 5G is more than just a telecom revolution. As 5G is poised to transform businesses and societies, we are crafting roadmap and building solutions to help these businesses adapt and scale up their transformation roadmap with super-speedy 5G.


 [Source: http://bit.ly/2QeR37p]

“5G” technology has become a core driver of the four pillars of technology transformation – Digital Transformation, IT Transformation, Workforce Transformation and Security Transformation. We are collaborating with industry leaders with an aim to define how operations, services and infrastructure can be realized with 5G network transformation. This is further helping us understand how we can create 5G ready infrastructure at-scale, while creating and capturing new market opportunities.

Partnering with VMware, Dell EMC is playing a crucial role in innovating 5G-ready platforms. With our integrated capabilities in IoT, Edge Computing, and 4G/5G architectures and solutions, we are all set to help enterprises deploy 5G technology to better manage their workload, increase operational agility, streamline operating costs and lot more.

Our future with 5G technology begins with what we plan today. So, gear up, because we are all heading towards the ‘connected everything’ revolution!

1Gartner Forecasts Worldwide 5G Network Infrastructure Revenue to Reach$4.2 Billion in 2020

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