5 business biographies to guide you in your struggles

In the current times of crisis, every individual is facing one challenge or the other and searching for sensible advice. What if you could seek advice from some of the world’s most extraordinary minds? Here’s a chance for you to learn from the experiences of world’s most successful entrepreneurs and all you have to do is lend your time!

Many popular and ace entrepreneurs have admitted that the lessons they learnt by reading the memoirs of their favorite business leaders contributed remarkably to their own business success. Presenting 5 finest business biographies charting the journey of some of the most iconic entrepreneurs of our times, that can shine a guiding light for you.

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance

“Ashlee Vance’s stellar biography captures Musk’s remarkable life story and irrepressible spirit”

-Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group

If you are an entrepreneur with sky-high ambitions and an appetite for risk, undaunted by setbacks, just like Elon Musk is, this book is the perfect teacher you need. The author explores how Musk had make crucial sacrifices to make his ideas come true. The book delves deep into what kept Musk going as he gradually reached his goals and attempted to create a bright future for the world.

 The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon by Brad Stone

“The definitive account of how a tech icon came to life.”    -Seattle Times

The rise of Amazon led by the intensely driven Jeff Bezos is a fascinating read for everyone. Stone conducted hundreds of interviews with Bezos’ family members, former colleagues and Amazon employees researching for the book. It charts out the full expansion story of Amazon from day one. Although rated with a single star by Bezos’ wife, this book offers great lessons about innovation, leadership and management.

Alibaba – The House That Jack Ma Built by Duncan Clark

“Jack Ma is part Bill Gates, part Steve Jobs, part Larry Page, part Sergey Brin, and part Mark Zuckerberg, all rolled into one.”

-Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP

This is the story of Chinese man who began his career as an English teacher and then went on to found and build Alibaba into the world’s second largest company, whose IPO was valued at $25 billion in 2014. It is inspirational story of an entrepreneur who overcame innumerable obstacles and succeeded with true technological innovation.


Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

No one in the entrepreneurial world needs an introduction to Steve Jobs and neither does this book. One of the world’s best-selling biographies, this book explores with equal fervor “the transformation of modern life in the information age” and “its supernaturally gifted and driven subject” reported Telegraph. Jobs gave free access to Isaacson to interact with his friends, family, colleagues and competitors and even refused to read the manuscript before the publication. The book presents an elaborate and honest picture of Jobs’ life and achievements in this thoroughly researched book.

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life by Alice Schroeder

Warren Buffet, respectfully referred to as “The Oracle of Omaha” never wrote a memoire. Although many books have been written about Buffet, this one is widely considered to be the best it was authored by Schroeder with his full cooperation. The Snowball is an extremely captivating story of financial success that enriches, entertains and enlightens the readers simultaneously.

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