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4 new books for start-up leaders in 2021

By Lionel Alva

In a sense, 2020 is when the world hit the reset button. Amidst a sporadic increase in uncertainty, the more business-savvy opportunists have turned to entrepreneurship.  After all, every crisis can lead to the inception of new opportunities. The old is discarded and the advent of a new world order also means new avenues for business. Life and business must find a way after all.

Today, entrepreneurs are looking to strategize, and many intend to start a new business. Despite the onset of lockdowns, many businesses have depicted agility and strategic thinking to stay afloat: Adversity, they say, is a great teacher. So, if you have are an entrepreneur or are on the path to becoming one then these are some books that we recommend, based on insights.

Surviving a Startup

Steve Hoffman, the author and the CEO of Founders Space, shares his start-up journey. As one would expect, it is a roller-coaster ride of epic proportions. Hoffman describes in vivid detail about launching a venture-funded startup and the trials and tribulations he faced. This is a unique guide that describes what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur. Not only does it offer insight into dealing with business challenges but also offers strategies for raising capital and making a business grow.

Why Startups Fail

One can learn a lot from failure. However, instead of going through a process of trial and error, it is better to learn from the experience of others. Irrespective of whether you are a first time or a serial entrepreneur, this book has several deep insights. Tom Eisenmann, the author, reveals the six distinct patterns that lead to the failure of a start-up.  It’s draws from a rich repository of ventures that failed to live up to their hype and promise. This book is a grim reminder of the mistakes that should be avoided by entrepreneurs even if they have achieved some initial success with their start-up. Eisenmann’s book is not only a guide to prevent failure by also a roadmap to success for a start-up.

Hope Factory

You want to start your own business but don’t quite know how to? Then this book by Tarun Agarwal can serve as an essential guide. It sheds light on some of the more complex issues that entrepreneurs face while starting out.  The book draws from the journeys of various entrepreneurs and narrates how they overcame failures, setbacks, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  As the title suggests, readers will be able to garner inspiration to reignite their dedication towards their business.  You can also use this guide to zero down on the right business idea that can work for you. It has many stories that can inspire you to take a dream and shape it into a viable business idea for the long-run.


Zeroing down on a great start-up idea is actually the easy part. Making it work for you can be a challenge. Dave Parker, the author and five-time tech founder has been there and done that. In his book, he offers a clear roadmap from ideation to launch and revenue in a short-span of time. Parker’s experience acts as an actionable guide for entrepreneurs. Parker shares his wisdom about his many failures and successes in a no-holds-barred way.  This book answers many questions about the journey of a start-up and removes the mystery surrounding the people who have made it as entrepreneurs and others who haven’t.

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