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The 3 biggest factors that can electrify India’s e-vehicle segment

By Shreyas Shibulal, Founder and Director, Micelio

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  1. Pollution control will be based on how the electricity produced also..India like countries having more than 70% electricity produced from coal only.then how electric cars running on electricity prodeuced from coal will control pollution

  2. India’s growth in electrification of vehicles is linked to its production capacity: for this, the focus must shift from two or three major producers to several EV makers through the length and breadth of the nation, dividing the country into say four zones where production units will come up to meet the demand – both in the public as well as in the private sector- on a war footing, allowing foreign capital to flow in without much hassle? Action now is called for if we mean to come near to China’s growth in this vital area of conserving our foreign exchange and climate control?

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